A Konkani Carnival in Melbourne: Taste buds tango to Mangalorean melodies

By Stevin Carvalho
"Flavours of Mangalore" hosted by Melbourne Konkan Community (MKC) // Pic supplied

In a heart-warming show of community spirit and cultural celebration, the Melbourne Konkan Community (MKC) hosted a gastronomic extravaganza titled “Flavours of Mangalore” on Sunday, July 30, 2023. The vibrant event was held at Finnish Hall in Altona, Victoria, Australia, attracting a diverse and enthusiastic crowd.

A Smorgasbord of Mangalorean Magic

The focus of the event was the scintillating array of traditional Mangalorean cuisine. Delights such as Bafat Pork, fluffy Sannas, aromatic Chicken Sukka, and Chana Tendli tickled the taste buds of attendees. The grand finale of this culinary parade was the traditional dessert, Vorn, which left everyone wanting more. The event stood testament to the Melbourne Konkan Community’s ability to turn food into an art form.

The Charm of Konkani Culture

In addition to the culinary showcase, the event was replete with mesmerising melodies and captivating dances. Talented performers Rohan Mendonca and Wilma Alva delighted the audience with their soulful renditions of Konkani songs. The event hall transformed into a lively Baila dance floor, as guests grooved to rhythmic beats, adding to the celebratory ambience.

Warm Thanks and Acknowledgements

MKC expressed profound gratitude to all who attended, attributing the event’s grand success to their enthusiasm and support. Acknowledgement was also extended to the Wyndham Council and Councillor Sahana Ramesh, whose unwavering support proved invaluable.

A special mention was made of the sponsors—SMS Accounting Partners and The Mangalore Store—who contributed generously to ensure the event’s success. The delectable buffet was catered by Phillip and Valerie from OZ-World Catering, receiving an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the crowd.

The Promise of Future Festivities

Bolstered by the success of “Flavours of Mangalore”, the Melbourne Konkan Community is already gearing up to host more such events. The positive feedback and overwhelming response have encouraged the MKC to continue its mission of promoting Mangalorean culture and traditions in Melbourne.

For more information about future MKC events and activities, visit www.mkc.net.au.

The Melbourne Konkan Community stands as a dynamic force dedicated to fostering and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Konkan region. Through various initiatives and events, the MKC aims to bring the community together, celebrate its traditions, and instil a sense of belonging among its members.

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