Townsville table tennis talents to represent state

By Nick Attam
Aarohi Acher with Mayor Jenny Hill // Pic supplied

Manasee Sivayoganathan and Aarohi Achar selected to compete in national championships. The young athletes’ hard work and dedication have earned them a place on the Queensland State team, with the support of their coaches and community

Manasee Sivayoganathan and Aarohi Achar have been selected to represent Queensland State in the upcoming national table tennis championships. Manasee will be competing in the under 13 girls category, while Aarohi will be representing Queensland in the under 11 girls category. They have worked tirelessly with their coaches, who have been an invaluable source of support and encouragement for the young players participating in the tournament.

Manasee’s selection comes after her impressive performance at the Queensland northern region Hopes Challenge, which she won earlier this year. She then went on to secure the top position in the girls’ category at the QLD Hopes Challenge final in Brisbane, which earned her a spot in the national event. Manasee will have the opportunity to learn from national coaches and compete against the top under-13 players from across Australia at the TTA National Hopes Week & Challenge in Geelong, Victoria.

Manasee and Aarohi // Pic supplied

Aarohi, on the other hand, emerged victorious in the under-11 girls singles category at the recent state singles championship, winning the gold medal and earning the coveted title of state singles champion. Her impressive performance in the tournament showcased her hard work, dedication, and natural talent on the court, which helped her secure her place in the Queensland State team for the national championships.

Both Manasee and Aarohi are talented young table tennis players who have worked hard to earn their place in the Queensland State team. Their selection is a testament to their skill, determination, and hard work, and they have the potential to make a significant impact in the upcoming national championships. The Townsville community and table tennis enthusiasts across Queensland are rallying behind them and wishing them the best of luck as they represent their state on the national stage.

Juniors // Pic supplied

The coaches’ unwavering dedication and commitment to their players have been instrumental in helping them reach this level of competition. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and their contributions are deeply appreciated by everyone involved. The coaches are a vital part of the players’ success, and their support is crucial in helping them achieve their goals.

Table Tennis Townsville is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all its members, from beginners to advanced players. We believe that sport has the power to bring people together, promote healthy competition, and build strong communities. Manasee and Aarohi’s achievements are a testament to the values that we hold dear at our club, and we are honored to have them as part of our community.

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