Meet Subnado — the World’s Lightest and Most Compact Underwater Scooter


HONG KONG, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Waydoo, the maker of the Waydoo Flyer ONE efoil, will soon be launching its first-ever underwater scooter — the Subnado, on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. With a cylindrical body that’s only 38cm long and 6cm wide and weighs only 1.4kg, it is currently the world’s smallest and lightest product of its kind.


Underwater scooters are no stranger to most diving enthusiasts. Formally known as a diver propulsion vehicle, an underwater scooter is a piece of diving equipment that can be used in water to provide forward momentum for the user. Whether you are a good swimmer or not, an underwater scooter can greatly enhance the fun of swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports alike.

Although most of the underwater scooters on the market deliver decent performance, there are a few general problems, such as bulky bionic batoidea shaped designs and their hefty weight. Additionally, many of them require carrying around a proprietary charger. Now, lightweight and convenience are the future of underwater scooters.

Scubajet Neo and Sublue Tini are two relatively lightweight underwater propulsion vehicles already on the market but still considerably bulky compared to the Subnado.

The Waydoo Subnado is currently the world’s smallest and lightest underwater scooter. Its sleek aluminum body is only 60mm in diameter, with the propeller guard slightly wider at 70mm. With a diameter similar to that of a Coke bottle, it fits easily into a backpack.

The entire scooter weighs only 1.4kg, which is 1kg lighter than the tube-shaped Scubajet, and half the weight of the Sublue Tini. But don’t be fooled by its compact size and lightweight: the Subnado packs uncompromising capabilities.

The Waydoo Subnado is carry-on luggage-approved. The vehicle is integrated with a 98Wh lithium-ion battery that can run for up to 56 minutes on a single charge, 11 minutes more than the Sublue Tini.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Subnado rocks a 100W-capable USB-C charging system which allows it to be charged with any USB charger. And with a 100W PD fast charger, it can be fully charged in merely 1.2 hours.

Engineers at Waydoo are pushing the boundaries of Subnado‘s battery technology even further. A reverse charging system capable of delivering up to 100W of output power makes the Subnado a portable power bank that charges your smartphone, GoPro, diving computer, and any gadgets in between.

When it comes to performance, the maximum speed of the three scooters is relatively close. While the Waydoo Subnado and Sublue Tini provide three gears and two-speed adjustments, the Scubajet Neo offers variable speed gear.

Furthermore, the Waydoo Subnado maximum thrust reaches 6.5kg, which is capable of driving a diver that weighs 65kg at a maximum speed of 1.4m/s.

Divers who really want to get their adrenaline pumping have the option of attaching two Waydoo Subnados to each arm and going as fast as 2m/s.

In addition to the freedom to control how fast you go in different scenarios, the Waydoo Subnado is the right choice for you if you are a deep-diving enthusiast. Thanks to its IP68 waterproof-rated body, the Subnado can be operated at a maximal depth of 60m.

The Subnado’s proprietary quick-release mounting system and a wide selection of accessories give the vehicle a wide range of applications. In addition to the conventional handheld use, you may also mount the Subnado to arms, legs, surfboards, SUPs, and gas tanks.

With a simple yet intuitive controller that can be worn around your index finger and controlled with just a thumb, you can engage in activities like filming while steering the Subnado. By pressing and holding the controller for 15s, the Subnado will enter cruising mode. At that point, you can completely free your hands while going at a steady speed, permitting you to hold up a selfie stick hassle-free or pose for pictures.

You may also attach a ring mount to the front of the Subnado, which provides three mounting ports. This feature is fantastic for underwater videographers. Imagine bringing a waterproof action camera and a fill light on your next underwater adventure, and relive it through footages recorded while exploring the deep blue ocean with the help of a Subnado.

The Waydoo Subnado, with its breakthrough in portability and ease of use, will undoubtedly further popularize and promote the use of underwater scooters amongst water sports enthusiasts.

Waydoo Subnado VS. Sublue WhiteShark Tini VS. Scubajet NEO

Suppose you wonder when the Subnado will be debuted. In that case, Waydoo plans to launch its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter from late March to early April 2022.

To receive updates on the launch date and stand the opportunity to get 50% off your Subnado purchase, please submit your email address on the product landing page. If you pay just $1 in advance, the 50% discount is guaranteed. Please feel free to contact Waydoo if you’re interested in becoming a Waydoo reseller.

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