First diverse Indie romantic drama film led by women

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Cast of Get a Life, Alright. Pic supplied

A diverse romantic drama musical, led by a team of women, that is set in Australia but “does not have beaches or blonds” is set to hit the theatre. Get a Life, Alright is said to that rare breed of Australian independent films that is culturally diverse without being dark.

Get a Life, Alright, the third feature film by director, Joy Hopwood, is Shamini Singhal’s first feature as co-writer alongside Joy Hopwood.

“Co-writing and producing Get a Life, Alright with Joy, allowed me to relay my experiences within a creative screen space. Joy has very pure motivations to depict diverse realities and does her best to authentically create story realms and characters. She has managed to do so by rounding up talented cast and crew who are motivated by the same ideals. I’m happy to have collaborated with Joy as she understands that authentic representations are central to meaningful on-screen diversity,” says Singhal.

Shamini Singhal. Pic supplied

The film is about a struggling Indian- Australian actor, Nick Singh (Satish Kala) who falls for the leading actress, Tessa Wise (Abril Tolnay) of a music TV show after delivering flowers on set. Her best friend, also on the show, Sarah Chen (Aileen Huynh) sets them up for a first date at his father’s Indian restaurant, Ballu’s Bollyfood, played by Here out West’s Sukhraj Deepak. Little do they know that Nick’s jealous brother, Adarsh (Dilshan Rain) tips off journalist, Patrick Pappas (Danny Barton) to run a story about the celebrities in order to gain more publicity for their struggling restaurant. A story about jealousy all thanks to fame, and the film highlights the importance of female relationships.

It’s a first to see such a diverse romantic drama musical, led by a team of women, with Joy Hopwood at the helm. Linda Ung (cinematographer /editor), Lara Cross (sound recordist & post sound designer), Valentina Iastrebova (set designer) and associate producers: Shamini Singhal, Meret Hassanen, Cat Dibley & Katrina Olsen.

The music is set in the noughties written by Joy Hopwood & Roy Nicolson, produced by Paul Wiltshire (Back St Boys, Human Nature, Delta Goodrem & Vanessa Amorosi) and the film’s score is by Anisha Thomas & Roy Nicolson.

Like all of Hopwood’s films, diversity is at the forefront with great performances by not only the leads but the supporting cast: Amelia Conway, Paul Hughes, Yannick Lawry, Dilroop Khangura, Belinda Delaney, Jaimee Peasley, Michael Giglio, Benjamin Hanly, Erica Long, Andrew Wang, Susan Young, Kiki Skountzos, Jay Gordon and Rog Chhabra.

Get a Life, Alright will have its world theatrical premiere at The Australian High Commission’s (Singapore) Aussie Film Festival from the 17 to 27 March, 2022.  It will be having its theatrical release on 19 May 2022 at Dendy & Wallis Cinemas.

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