• Portable Power Stations that recharge with renewable energy
  • EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology allows devices to be easily powered up to 3400W in as fast as 90 minutes

SINGAPORE, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EcoFlow promotes eco-friendly living with its range of portable power stations, with solar-power recharging feature.  Some models even allow users to tap on renewable energy sources with their dual charging feature. EcoFlow‘s portable power stations are ideal as backup power for homes or as compact, outdoor power sources for camping trips or disaster relief. With the projected rise in the destructive power of typhoons[1] and other natural disasters due to global warming, portable and affordable power sources might be the solution to expedite relief operations, and improve living conditions of those hit by disasters.

EcoFlow Delta Max Portable Power Station
EcoFlow Delta Max Portable Power Station

EcoFlow‘s latest addition, the DELTA Max, packs 2kWh of capacity per unit, which can be expanded to 6kWh with DELTA Max smart extra batteries.  It is also configured to power multiple devices with EcoFlow‘s X-Boost technology. Despite its small size, it is able to power heavy-duty devices such as the refrigerator, dryer and more at the same time, meeting the industry gold standard for a portable power station of its size and capacity. A bonus is DELTA Max’s fast dual charging capability with EcoFlow‘s Patented X-Stream Technology that charges from zero to 80% in just 65 minutes; and 10 times faster than other battery-powered stations.

Another variant in EcoFlow‘s DELTA line is the DELTA Pro, named as one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021 in the sustainability category. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro was launched on Kickstarter in July 2021, raising over USD 12 million during its 2-month campaign, breaking Kickstarter’s records to become the most funded tech project and it ranks 6th among all projects to date.

EcoFlow‘s battery-powered and safe to use portable charges do not emit carbon monoxide compared to its gas-powered power source alternatives.  This aligns with the company’s vision of empowering sustainability by producing robust, low-carbon and renewable energy solutions.

EcoFlow DELTA Max and other line products are currently available in Singapore and availablefor purchase online at Lazada and Shopee stores. To be a dealer for EcoFlow, visit this link or email sales.rest@ecoflow.com for more details.

Appendix A lists a selection of available EcoFlow products.

Appendix B lists technical specs of EcoFlow DELTA Max.

Appendix C shows use case scenarios for EcoFlow.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow was established in 2017 to provide portable power solutions to off-grid life, emergency power supply and outdoor power source. With the mission of revolutionizing the industry with affordable and portable solar power, EcoFlow keeps the world amazed with edge-cutting and game-changing solar generators.

EcoFlow DELTA is the superstar in the solar power industry. Its massive success in the Kickstarter campaign – supported by 2662 backers and raised over $2.5 million — marks EcoFlow DELTA as the game-changer in the power station sector. We aim to be the leading brand in the mobile solar power industry by constantly revolutionizing the battery technologies and expanding our product offerings.

You are guaranteed with the best-quality, longest-lasting and coolest products ranging from mini-charger to solar generator, from solar panels to patented accessories.

We infiltrate our products with the unique and exclusive charging and battery management technologies, which make our products excel the competitors by leaps and bounds.


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