Supporting local manufacturing of RATs to meet demand

By Our Reporter
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

The Victorian Government is supporting local manufacturing of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) to help secure critical supplies for the state and create more local jobs in our thriving medical technology sector.

Lumos Diagnostics, together with its delivery partner Planet Innovation, will establish a manufacturing facility and innovation hub in Victoria with support from the Government.

If approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Lumos, who are already making RATs for Canadian and European markets, will produce one million tests a month from April, three million a month after July, with full production from October onwards of up to 50 million RATs each year.

The Government will secure priority supply of several million tests from Lumos to meet demand in the coming months, an official press release said.

The Lumos facility will be able to produce diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, tropical diseases, chronic diseases and reproductive health, in addition to RATs. Through the innovation hub, local start-ups, research and development institutes and small-to-medium businesses will also have access to product development and manufacturing support programs.

The project will create at least 70 ongoing jobs, adding to Victoria’s thriving medical and advanced manufacturing sector that already employs thousands of Victorians across the state.

The Government has provided $268.5 million in funding to accelerate coronavirus treatment research and is supporting the first mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility in the southern hemisphere to be built in Melbourne by 2024.

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