A Neobroker Is Coming To Town – Syfe Trade, The Latest Platform To Invest In US Stocks and ETFs

  • Licensed by the MAS, Syfe Trade will be Singapore’s first neobroker offering fractional investing, free trades, a simplified user experience, and access to real-time market data and analysis
  • From 16 December, users can gain early access to the platform by joining the waitlist, ahead of the official launch in January 2022

SINGAPORE, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Syfe, a digital investment platform headquartered in Singapore, is launching Singapore’s first neobrokerage – Syfe Trade. Starting today, investors can join the waitlist to gain early access to the platform, ahead of its official launch in January 2022. Syfe, which was licensed by the MAS in 2019 for fund management, has now been granted a license for its new brokerage offering.

Introducing Syfe Trade, Singapore's First Neobroker
Introducing Syfe Trade, Singapore’s First Neobroker

The introduction of Syfe Trade is a major step toward Syfe’s mission of building the next-generation of financial solutions for people in Asia, and builds on the successful growth trajectory of Syfe since its launch in July 2019. With the launch of Syfe Trade, Syfe is now the all-in-one platform where everyday investors can access simple, smart and affordable investing, to grow wealth their way; through automated and personalised portfolios or trading directly in US stocks or ETFs.

“For far too long, the decades-old brokerage industry was in need of a major disruption with high fees and an experience laden with inefficient processes and interfaces. While there have been new entrants to the industry, we are building on the success of our wealth offering, and enhancing it further. With Syfe Trade, users can leverage real time market data and analysis and capture market opportunities through three distinct ways – investing any amount they want through fractional investing, free trades, and a simplified user experience,” said Dhruv Arora, Founder and CEO of Syfe.

“This is part of the same mission Syfe has had from day one, to further democratise investing for everyday investors. Syfe Trade expands the suite of options for people to grow their money with Syfe holistically, and empowers them with simple, smart and affordable choices when doing so, so that more can grow wealth their way,” added Mr Arora.

Syfe Trade’s Key Differentiators

Fractional Trading – Syfe Trade is revolutionising the industry as one of the rare online brokerages in Singapore enabling fractional investing. The high price of single stocks or ETFs have meant that many are not able to tap into the opportunities available with their favourite companies. With fractional trading, investors can now buy into the world’s biggest companies starting with as little as one dollar, and own a portfolio of stocks or ETFs for a fraction of the usual cost.

Free Trades Users signing up on waitlist will get to enjoy Syfe’s ‘Introductory Offer’ of 5 free trades and USD$0.99 per trade thereafter, which will be available for a limited time period, and start enjoying the offer at the earliest. After the offer period ends, users will still get all-time access to free trades per month, and a competitive pricing on trades thereafter.

Simplified User Experience – Building on Syfe’s well-loved simple user interface, Syfe Trade will provide investors the same user-friendly experience, and allow everyone to trade in a few taps and swipes. Users can gain access to real-time market data and analysis, view their portfolio at a glance, and receive relevant news aligned to their interest in our intuitive platform.

Safe and Secure

Syfe’s platforms are enhanced with bank-grade security, coupled with multi-factor authentication through phone or email, for all users. Syfe Trade is also Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protected where US securities are held in individual accounts and protected against any loss of securities up to US$500,000 in the unlikely event of a brokerage failure of an SIPC member. Money transferred to Syfe is held in a Trust Account with HSBC, and kept separate from Syfe’s own accounts.

Open for Waitlist from 16 December

Keen investors who want early access to the platform can now secure their spot at www.syfe.com/trade.

“2022 is going to be an exciting year for Syfe as we forge new frontiers with our neobrokerage offering, and expand new markets starting first with Hong Kong. We have always been about empowering investors in Asia to participate in investing, so that they will not be left out of the economic opportunities offered by the global markets. We look forward to sharing more developments in the year to come,” concluded Mr Arora.

Syfe’s existing wealth offering will be renamed as Syfe Wealth, and continue to offer automated personalised portfolios for investors looking to grow their wealth for the long-term. Syfe Wealth is a service offering by Syfe which is licensed by the MAS under a Capital Markets Services (CMS) License (CMS License No: CMS100837) for conducting fund management activities and dealing in capital market products.

About Syfe

Syfe is a MAS-licensed digital investment platform that is building the next generation of financial solutions for individuals across Asia. Launched in July 2019, Syfe’s mission is to transform the way people manage their money and make high quality financial services affordable and accessible to all. Syfe is the all-in-one platform where everyday investors can access simple, smart and affordable investing, to grow wealth their way.

Syfe Wealth offers personalised and custom portfolios, enabling users to fulfil their long-term financial goals. Grounded in the deep expertise of our financial research team, Syfe Wealth offers investment strategies for the most important goals in life, as well as access to Syfe’s wealth advisors and an intuitive investing experience that is low cost and hassle-free. The platform has no minimum investment amounts and maintains a low annual fee, starting at 0.35 percent per annum of the total amount invested.

With the latest introduction of Syfe Trade, Singapore’s first neobroker in Singapore, users have expanded options to grow their money by buying stocks and ETFs in global markets. Investors can easily buy into the world’s biggest companies starting with as little as one dollar, have access to free trades, a simplified user experience, and access to real time market data and analysis.

Syfe Trade is set to officially launch in January 2022. Waitlists have commenced and users will progressively gain access from now till launch.

For more information on Syfe, please visit: www.syfe.com

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