Validity Group: Making Better Staff Selections in a Post-Pandemic World


Key details of Validity’s Predictor of Potential (POP™) range of staff selection assessments:

  • Available in most languages.
  • Removes major risks by being legally defensible.
  • Easy to purchase online and in currency of choice.
  • Free interpretation guides so anyone can use.
  • Perfect for businesses looking to predict performance.
  • Used by some of the world’s most competitive and successful businesses.
  • Helps individuals looking to identify their future career direction.
  • No expensive certifications required to interpret the reports.
  • Reports are rendered online, providing clients with their own confidential access and interaction with their “live” reports.

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Validity Group, an established boutique business consulting company, has expanded the accessibility of its extensive range of selection assessments by making them available for online purchase, in multiple languages and multiple currencies. This is designed to support both employers and employees around the world in making the right career and selection choices in the post-pandemic world.

Move in the right direction for 2022
Move in the right direction for 2022

In countries where the employment market is opening up, a massive amount of change is currently underway.

Organisations must be prepared for the post-pandemic employment movement.

This is a time of significant change with an abundance of opportunities. The competition for good staff is therefore really hotting up. Significantly amongst all of this, is the challenge for businesses to ensure that they select the right person for the right role. Relying on some of the old systems and interviews alone is clearly a high-risk strategy.

The 2021 State of Talent Acquisition Survey currently underway is already noting that:

  • 90% of Talent Acquisition (TA) teams are finding it harder to hire now compared to pre-pandemic.
  • Only 26% of TA functions believe they are able to anticipate business needs.
  • 40% of organisations are experiencing significantly higher number of resignations. 

Speed & accuracy are paramount.

In this fast moving and highly competitive marketplace, staff selection decisions must be made quickly and accurately. Otherwise, businesses run the risk of missing out on the best talent on offer and might have to settle for second best – or may even miss out entirely. Therefore, it’s vital to apply the right selection assessments designed and built so that every hiring manager, at every level across any business, can use them and apply them quickly, efficiently, and easily.

That is why Validity Group is now making its extensive range of selection assessments available internationally for online purchase.

Not all assessments are created equal.

The assessment market can sometimes seem confusing and clouded by a range of products, not all of which can be, or even should be, used for staff selection. This adds an extra level of complexity that most businesses can do without. Some are clearly designed for purposes and applications other than selecting staff, so knowing the difference is a good place to start.

“The easiest way to select the right staff selection assessment is to ensure that it is Normative (and stay away from Ipsative assessments). That means that you can rely on getting the detailed data you need for an accurate staff selection decision. Making the wrong decision is more than just inconvenient, it costs the organisation far too much money and it wastes everyone’s time.

“We actively encourage businesses to discover the unique benefits of our assessments and how they have helped clients improve their bottom line. Validity currently has a free offer underway, so they are able to try before they buy.” said Chris Tandridge, CEO of Validity Group.

Data is the key to success.

Now more than ever, staff selection needs to be based on hard data, and not just simply relying on the accuracy of “a carefully constructed resume” and the “hoped for” skill levels of hiring managers. Validity’s assessments deliver reliable, tangible data such as:

  • How is the candidate hard wired and soft wired?
  • How successful will they be?
  • What does the tested data tell you about how the individual reacts and performs in a wide variety of scenarios?

For businesses, this translates into:

  • How successful will they be in your organisation?
  • Will they fit in with your culture?
  • Can you accurately predict their potential?

Validity’s Predictor of Potential (POP™) range of assessments, each designed for a specific role, provides hiring managers with the data they need as the basis for their selection process. Managers are given the tools to manage and lead each individual successfully, and L&D professionals have access to a personalised development and coaching road map.

Multiple applications.

  • Reports that up to 40% of people are looking to change jobs – Forbes, Microsoft – means that people are looking for a NEW opportunity. Companies that are hiring can now accurately Predict Performance.
  • An easy-to-use assessment that everyone can read and apply is a must for every business looking to succeed and grow.
  • Identifying the right person for a role is now much easier – applicants are compared against a data bank of millions of success points.
  • Every hiring manager can access an assessment efficiently and affordably.
  • A full range of psychometric assessments designed for every role, that everyone can use simply easily and effectively, without the need for expensive certifications, opens up the application of real science for every business everywhere. 
  • Most importantly, an assessment that removes major risks by being legally defensible. Defending staff selections can too often be stressful and very expensive; the comfort of Validity’s solutions removes that layer of concern.
  • Hiring managers also get interview questions – plus development and coaching suggestions – specific to each individual.

Individuals are seeking post-pandemic career opportunities and lifestyle changes.

It’s not just companies looking to apply selection assessments, it’s also a broad section of people looking for their next career move. Individuals are increasingly taking more control of their careers. They are using selection assessments to help them choose the right role and the right career path.

Up until now, for many individuals it has been something of a guess, a mixture of:

  • “The role sounds good, or it seems OK”,
  • “I think I might be a good fit”,
  • “I know people who do that work, so therefore, maybe it will suit me too”.

In today’s work environment, people can no longer afford to waste their time on the wrong role, or potentially heading their career in the wrong direction. Now they understand that they can use science to support their career plan with a better depth of understanding and clarity of direction.

They need to know up front if they are really best suited to that career, to that role, to that industry, and to the potential future that involves. They do not want to invest years in “testing out a job” or a “career”, only to find it is not right for them.

Lives and careers have been “on hold” for a long time during the pandemic. Now that the job markets are opening, people are more than ready to start taking control and they want to move fast in the right direction.

It’s not ALL about the money.

A variety of research has clearly indicated that some 40% of people are looking to change jobs.

Of the top three reasons as to why, interestingly money didn’t feature:

“I need the convenience of working remotely at least some of the time. “

“I need to be able to see a Career plan, growth & progression”

“I want an organisation that will develop my skills and abilities”

The high spots of this wish list strongly suggest that just throwing money at the staff problem isn’t going to be enough, it will take much more than that. It might deliver a short-term win of people signing on, but the challenge of keeping them will still be ever present, and that impacts directly on the bottom line. All those selection, training and onboarding costs hit the organisation all over again and shrink the bottom line accordingly. It is a false economy to try and approach it with a “wish and a hope” from the business.

About Validity Group

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Validity Group Pty Ltd is a boutique consulting company operating internationally that helps organisations drive successful business results by investing in their best asset – their people. With four key, specially curated solutions, Validity partners with its clients to help them select, develop, and retain their best performers.

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