Transporta launches transport management solution for Indonesia’s logistics sector towards digitizing SME truckers


JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Transporta, an Indonesian tech startup, today launched its free transport management system (TMS) for the archipelago nation’s small business truckers.

Transporta’s smart platform is launched
Transporta’s smart platform is launched

The TMS — which allows logistics players to handle entire order management and delivery fulfillment cycle from a single cloud platform — will offer free trips to small and medium enterprise (SME) truckers.

Transporta’s TMS aims to revolutionize SME truckers’ largely-manual processes by streamlining every aspect of their business on a single centralized cloud platform: submitting bids, managing orders, scheduling routes, assigning drivers, tracking deliveries, and invoicing clients.

The brainchild of experienced IT professionals who are familiar with the Indonesian logistics space, Transporta is helmed by Internet of Things startup board advisor Willy Anwar and cloud solutions expert Emma Hartono.

Making digitized logistics operations affordable for all 
The trio formed Transporta with the aim to make digitized logistic operations affordable and accessible for everyone, particularly for Indonesia’s SME truckers (20 trucks or less), who account for over 75% of the country’s estimated 100,000 trucking companies.

Emma Hartono, COO of Transporta, said, “Today, the vast majority of Indonesia’s SME truckers are using basic ERP systems whilst communicating with clients, drivers, and suppliers on separate messaging apps. Not only is this onerous and time-consuming, but the massive inefficiencies often result in idle trucks, half-empty hauls, and worst of all, late deliveries and unhappy customers.”

The solution is simple: park all the communication and business tools on a single streamlined TMS platform. However, many small businesses and SMEs cannot afford the sky-high prices of hardware-heavy, complicated TMS offerings that are in the market.

Various researches have put cost savings from implementing TMS from anything between 5% and 15%, but even a 15% gain may not be enough to convince an SME trucker to digitize. Most buyers are required to pay an upfront license for the solution, plus additional cost for setup, maintenance, hardware, and staff training which are different to Transporta’s TMS.  

Transporta’s affordable TMS immediately changes the game with its quick and easy self-onboarding process, no-cost staff support, asset-light web-based solution, and seamless integration with existing apps like WhatsApp.

It also provides free online training and enablement to new users and trucking companies’ staff, so everyone can easily utilize the technology.

“Essentially, small truckers in developing nations like Indonesia are competing with both eyes closed. Now, with Transporta at their side, Indonesia’s SME truckers can take on the big guns — at practically zero cost,” Emma enthused.

Expanding its partnerships with the Indonesia Truck Association (Aptrindo) and, Transporta is confidently targeting to onboard 10,000 SME truckers onto Transporta’s TMS in three years.

“As we grow with Indonesia’s booming logistics sector, Transporta will continuously enrich our TMS offerings. Upcoming features in our product pipeline include driver ratings, a mobile app, a shipper platform, as well as seamless integration with other logistics systems,” Emma said.

Transporta is an Indonesian-based transport management system startup that helps trucking companies maximize the speed of their daily operations and truck utilities as well as profitability through a centralized cloud platform. Transporta’s vision is to become the digital platform that connects end-to-end transportation solutions and revolutionizes the transportation industry while supporting Indonesia’s economic growth.

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