A Brand Embassy for Sustainable Beauty: AROMATICA opens a zero-waste complex cultural space in Seoul, Korea


NEW YORK, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — South Korean sustainable beauty brand AROMATICA has opened the doors of AROMATICA ZERO STATION – a complex cultural zero-waste space located in South Korea. 

AROMATICA was the first beauty refill station opened in Korea. There are 18 products, including best-selling rosemary shampoo, aloe vera gel, conditioner, body oil, and toner. Consumers can buy their post-consumer recycled plastic or glass bottle at the store or bring their own.

The store promises an experience to visitors a step forward of sustainability, the future beauty. AROMATICA ZERO STATION is a mix of retail, refill station, aromatherapy, recycling and upcycling center, and tea house.


A space where consumers can experience and purchase all AROMATICA products. The lineup includes best-selling rosemary shampoo and aloe vera gel, as well as conditioners, body oils, and toners. The brand is known for its natural essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. Every product is natural, organic, and vegan – directly produced at its own Eco-Friendly Smart Factory in Osan, Gyeonggi-do.

There are particularly noteworthy zero-waste options like soap bars and refill pouches that significantly reduced the amount of plastic used. Up to 97% of AROMATICA products are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and 90% recycled glass. In addition, there are various eco-friendly brand zero-waste goods.



‘Aromatherapy Zone’ where consumers can experience various natural and organic raw materials and essential oils used in AROMATICA products. The traditional extraction method of each raw material from leaves, stems, trees, and roots extracted into oil is displayed. During visits, counseling services are also offered to recommend scents according to mood and conditions.

Specializing in tea that combines aromatherapy with tea culture. Consumers can enjoy a total of 11 homemade tea drinks of signature ingredients, Rosemary Mint Green Tea, Jasmine White Tea, Milky Oolong Tea, and Hibiscus Kombucha. Take-out beverages are only available in tumblers; single-use plastics are not allowed.

The recycling space is a learning and hands-on experience for anyone. Visitors will learn to separate, recycle and dispose of their empty containers properly according to their material. Only AROMATICA products are collected to guarantee a high-quality recycling process and avoid composite plastic containers. In collaboration with the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, they opened the second “Plastic Mill Garosugil” branch. This project upcycles plastic lids into soap holders.

Taking the lead in zero-waste, AROMATICA renewed the existing House of AROMATICA into AROMATICA ZERO STATION. They reused and repurposed from the former store, such as glass, wood, bricks, and furniture for the construction process. The recycled materials were upcycled into floors, cabinets, product displayers, and more. AROMATICA called upon sustainable creatives to create upcycled furniture made of disposable masks, glasses, and papers for the zero-waste space. 

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