Dynamics of Spiritual Enlightenment

By Yamuna Sundari dasi

Spirituality is a source of constant inspiration, motivation and energy that drives us away from the stress and anxiety which is engulfing every individual in today’s day and age.

It has been proven that the more we become accustomed with the realities of life, the better prepared we are to face the dualities of existence and are armed with spiritual wisdom that can assist one to make better decisions and attain perfection.

This spiritual wisdom leads to enlightenment which is an interesting phenomenon and works wonderfully in the lives of the sincere and the inquisitive. Spiritual knowledge can be known through bonafide scriptures which guide us towards the ultimate reality. Just like we need the help of trained professionals, a certified college or university and authorized books if we wish to pursue our career in a particular field like law, commerce, medical science or any other profession, on a similar note if we wish to make progress in the spiritual domain, we certainly need to follow the Bonafede path, scriptures and take guidance of the seers of truth.

This is a science which is not followed blindly but has to be pursued through gaining knowledge received through the correct disciplic chain. One wrong decision can lead to havoc in a person’s life, similarly, choosing a faulty spiritual path which is only show-bottle but is missing the real substance can play chaos with our genuine inclination and lead us array from the ultimate reality of the Absolute Truth.

For generations, Srimad Bhagavad-Gita has been the source of great inspiration, motivation and light in the lives of the spiritual seekers. Although the Bhagavad-gita is popular and well-known among hindu circles, the appreciation is not limited to only Vedic circles. Many western scholars, leaders, philosophers have given deep respect for this timeless sacred knowledge. This book is compared to a manual for life which enables one to understand the intricacies of action, reaction, birth, death, the existence of the soul and supersoul and how to perfect present our lives and beyond. This has provided great solace to the fire of material bondage which keeps one entangled and clouds one’s real intelligence. This journey from darkness to light can be challenging and intriguing at first but holding on to the edge is the key to attain success in spiritual life, just like staying determined in any walk of life is the key for gaining perfection.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has been offering this entry into the sublime process of spirituality for decades and has helped millions of people all over the world to rise above the miseries and gain an understanding of the higher truth. This higher taste and spiritual strength helps bypass the allurements of material existence and gain a solid support system to become confident and motivated in every step of life. The teachings of Lord Krishna received in the Bhagavad-Gita and the knowledge of devotion found in the Srimad-Bhagavatam is a hidden treasure which was brought to the western countries by an empowered messenger of the Lord, His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. His purity and devotion for the Lord inspired and transformed the hearts of all his followers who in turn gave the message of love of Godhead to everyone they met. This became the greatest gift for mankind saving them from the shackles of birth and death and opening the doors to an eternal life of knowledge and bliss.

The Wyndham Hare Krishna team has been offering this classic and enduring science of bhakti-yoga to everyone residing in the west of Melbourne since 2018 through monthly Sunday feast programs which are a combination of mantra meditation, spiritual discourses, and a delicious vegetarian feast. The sudden onset of the pandemic in 2020 has certainly been a strenuous and demanding time for everyone, but with the help of our regular donors and well-wishers, the Hare Krishna team provided support to the community with distribution of weekly vegetarian meals to the needy in society with the COVID-19 food relief program.

Our monthly programs were temporarily halted due to the lockdown, but with the easing of the restrictions, we were glad to hold our first face-to-face program on 25 April 2021. The event was addressed by His Holiness Devamrita Swami (in Pictures), who is New York born, a Yale Scholarship graduate and an initiating Guru of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. He is also an educator and writer, and travels all over the world extensively giving seminars in Universities and to corporates. He enthralled the audience by providing dynamic solutions to the problems of life, based on the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita. The event was also graced by Sahana Ramesh, Harrison Ward Councillor for Wyndham region among other VIP’s. The program witnessed attendance by more than 250 guests which was followed by a delicious vegetarian meal.

Our monthly Sunday programs will commence from May 2021 and the details of the same can be found on our Facebook Page—Wyndham Hare Krishna. We look forward to seeing you on this exciting journey of self-realization and perfection.

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