Staying safe around water

By Our Reporter
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Many enjoy Victoria’s beautiful beaches, oceans and rivers but it’s not without risks.

Drowning statistics show a wide variety of situations and activities can result in drowning.

That is why people are reminded to know the risks and how to best be prepared for the weather, the conditions, and for the activity they are taking part in.

When at the beach, you should swim between the red and yellow flags where lifeguards can see you if you get into trouble.

When swimming at a lake or river, you should read the safety signs first to understand dangers. Never swim in a river before checking for hidden dangers such as strong fast-flowing currents, colder than expected water temperature and submerged branches and debris.

Also, make sure to postpone drinking alcohol until after your swim. It only takes one drink to slow reaction times, increase risk-taking and impair your skills in the water.

If you are someone who enjoys boating, wear a lifejacket as it can help you stay afloat if needed until help arrives. You should also always carry a means of raising the alarm, like a mobile phone and other emergency safety equipment.

Make sure you always supervise children around water and keep children under five years of age within arm’s reach at all times.

Remember, when looking out for the safety of others, the people you’re looking out for should also include you. Know the conditions. Know your limits.

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