Dre Diesel — How to buy the right house? Think INSIDE the Box

By Dre Diesel

I’ve always been taught to think outside the box, both in terms of work, ideas but also in life. Think what other people haven’t thought of before, do what other people haven’t done yet. With the recent housing price bubble in Sydney, most people are looking to the CBD for duplexes, units and the sort. I’ve decided to look elsewhere and stop doing what others are doing, because with high competition in high density areas mean high risk. However, I’ve never thought that to think outside the box, means to think inside The Box.

Box Hill is located in the heart of the Hills Shire in the North-West Priority Growth Area, just 40km from the Sydney CBD, which promises a growth of more than 200,000 new residents to keep up with the city’s demands to expand. In the next 10 years, the population in the North West will grow to be twice the size of Canberra and Box Hill population to grow by almost 30,000 in the next decade.

The area will be inhabited by intellectuals and skilled professionals in the sectors of education and hospitality, bringing the personal median weekly income $1,587 higher than the New South Wales median. The Hills area is a popular pick for all demographics, with 57% of their population consisting of families and the remaining consisting mainly of young couples with children.

The area is highly connected to other areas via the M2 and M7, with the Sydney Metro Northwest Link expecting completion in 2019. The North West boasts almost 50,000 new jobs in the next few years, close proximity to tertiary institutions, a high level of retail amenity, as well as large amounts of sporting activities. There are an estimated 320+ parks and recreational reserves, which lets the area live up to its name as the “Garden Shire” of Sydney with the unparalleled fresh air and high quality of life.

Not only are the living standards unmatched, the rental return has grown by an average of 4.2% per annum for the past five years, and will surely keep growing as more families settle into the area and demand increases. Rates of home ownership are high with 82% of all homes either owned-outright or occupied under mortgage tenure, demonstrating the low risk of investments.

Need a new investment property which will hold even if the CBD pricing bubble crashes? Think INSIDE the Box.

I am specialised in these areas across the state of New South Wales:

Austral, Bardia, Box Hill, Bringelly, Catherine Field, Cobbitty, Edmondson Park, Glenmore Park, Gregory Hills, Jorden Springs, Kellyville, Leppington, Luddenham, Marsden Park, Menangle Park, Mulgoa, Oran Park, Penrith Region, Riverstone, Rossmore, Rouse Hill, Schofields, Spring Farm, Vineyard

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