The Korea Ginseng Association Launches Promotional Activities to Publicize the Designation of ‘Farming and Medicinal Usage of Korean Ginseng’ as Intangible Cultural Heritage


SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Korea Ginseng Association, founded for the globalization and healthy development of Korean Ginseng industry in Korea, has launched promotional activities to promote the registration of ‘Farming and Medicinal Culture of Korean Ginseng’ as the national intangible heritage of Korea.

The Korea Ginseng Association
The Korea Ginseng Association

The Korea Ginseng Association celebrated the news by posting congratulatory videos to mark the designation of Korean ginseng as the intangible national heritage on their official YouTube channel. They are doing their best to promote the news of Korean Ginseng including creating videos introducing Korean ginseng.

The Cultural Heritage Administration has been reviewing the historical, academic, and technological values of Korean Ginseng for many years now. They have decided to recognize the cultural value of processing, farming, and cuisine technologies associated with Korean Ginseng and to list it as intangible national heritage of Korea under the name of “Farming and Medicinal Culture of Korean Ginseng”. The term medicinal culture includes related cultural factors such as legends, folklores, and foods about Korean Ginseng.

This also remarks the first registration of agricultural culture since the policy changed in 2016 to permit traditional knowledge to be included in intangible national heritage. 

Korean Ginseng is the most well-known farming products in Korea known for its medicinal and traditional uses. Its farming likely started in the 18th century, and the processing and farming technology and practices referenced in various documents from the Joseon era is continuing to this date. The modern science has proven the healthy benefits of Korean ginseng including immune system boost, bone health improvement, and also fatigue recovery. Indeed, Korean ginseng as a stamina food and health supplement is a core part of Korean culture.

“As the farming and medicinal culture of Korean Ginseng is being recognized as the intangible national heritage of Korea, we hope more people would become aware of the historical and exceptional value of Korean ginseng. Also, we hope this can help Korea to become recognized as the origin of Korean ginseng and more people in the world to enjoy the health benefits of Korean Ginseng,” said Mr. Jang, the manager of The Korea Ginseng Association.

For more information, please visit the The Korea Ginseng Association’s official website.

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