Arcc Spaces Launches Innovative ‘Agile Hybrid Solution’


Concept designed to help businesses and individuals cope with Covid-19 remote working challenges

SINGAPORE, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Arcc Spaces, the leading shared workspace brand with 16 premium locations across Asia, today announces the launch of its new innovative ‘Agile Hybrid Solution’. The unique offering is provided under the Arcc Spaces Care+ Solutions package to help small and medium sized business (SMEs), multinational corporations (MNCs), start-ups, and entrepreneurs to cope with the new remote working situation resulting from Covid-19. The pandemic has forced some companies to downsize and establish remote working on a permanent basis, or at the very least until well into 2021. The new home office environment that many employees have found themselves in, however, is creating new challenges in terms of productivity, wellbeing and appropriate furniture to perform.

Arcc Spaces Care+ solutions offers 'On Demand Solution', 'Agile Hybrid Solution' and 'Enterprise Solution Powered By Design Studio' to cope with Covid-19 remote working challenges
Arcc Spaces Care+ solutions offers ‘On Demand Solution’, ‘Agile Hybrid Solution’ and ‘Enterprise Solution Powered By Design Studio’ to cope with Covid-19 remote working challenges

Arcc Spaces Care+ Solutions offers three solutions. ‘On Demand Solution’ provides passes ranging from five days to one month for members to access four centres located at One Marina Boulevard, 75 High Street, Suntec City and 99 Duxton Road to enjoy working at the shared space and premium office facilities. ‘Agile Hybrid Solution (AHS)’ is a tailor-made solution for individuals, SMEs and MNCs to cope with employee needs for remote working. Some employees face challenges when they work from home such as disruptive environments, poor connectivity and bad posture. AHS allows companies to sign up memberships for their employees to use the private suites, shared spaces and meeting rooms at Arcc Spaces’ four centres. Most importantly the solution comes with a European-made height-adjustable table and HAG Capisco chair delivered to employees’ homes by Arcc Spaces’ strategic business partner, Ecopex Furniture. Ecopex and Arcc Spaces are developing innovative solutions to the challenges of Covid-19, emphasizing sustainability through its use of refurbished products and its support of the circular economy. This helps boost employee productivity and comfort while working from home. So far, a global technology company, a US bank, and two real estate companies are already signed up for the new solution. In total, 30 individuals are enrolled in the programme at launch. Finally, ‘Enterprise Solution Powered By Design Studio’ offers corporate clients with tailor-made, personalised workplaces to meet their enterprise needs.

Matthew Chisholm, Chief Operating Officer of Arcc Spaces, said: “The launch of our ‘Agile Hybrid Solution’ represents a milestone in our thinking. Arcc Spaces has been in the market for over 20 years and has been evolving to meet individual and corporate needs. This solution extends our service from the flexible workplace to the home workplace. This new offering is a first step towards the future of work, where we leverage innovative valued-added bundles which solve for each individual and better understands their needs. The data we are collecting on behalf of our corporate clients will assist us to respond to ongoing changes in the workplace, ensuring we remain ahead of the curve in driving productivity, wellbeing and engagement for both individuals and the organisations they are part of.  

Henrik Meltesen, Founder and Owner of Ecopex Furniture, said: “Technology has empowered modern workers with enhanced mobility and connectivity to work from anywhere at anytime. Workstation ergonomics are a vital element in improving health and increasing productivity. In response to this, we have carefully selected and curated a range of workplace solutions to address the increase in remote collaboration. Arcc Spaces’ ‘Agile Hybrid Solution’ creates new value for its members, and increases customer loyalty and retention rates. Moreover, we are able to leverage customer feedback to improve our offerings and better serve market needs.”

The on-demand five-day pass starts from SGD 188 and ‘Agile Hybrid Solution’ monthly fees starts from SGD 519. For details, please visit:

About Arcc Spaces

Arcc Spaces is a shared workspace brand with 16 locations across Asia that works with corporates to transform the way they work and drive innovation through a network of hospitality-led spaces. Headquartered in Singapore, Arcc Spaces has locations across Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  We provide access to a collection of beautifully designed business hubs, lounges and labs grounded in landmark projects across the world’s gateway cities to empower today’s leaders to meet, collaborate, learn and access talents and opportunities. Arcc Spaces is a part of the Arcc Holdings, a transformative real estate and hospitality company that develops and operates a range of concepts in the areas of ‘Work, Live and Play’. For more information, please visit


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