Indian pomegranates fly to Australia

By Our Reporter
Photo by Zrng N Gharib on Unsplash

There are fresh reports that Indian pomegranates will soon be available in Australian domestic markets. This is a first-time venture as the Australian government has finally approved a much-awaited import protocol for fresh pomegranates from India.

Barry O’ Farrell, Australia’s high commissioner to India, states that even though pomegranates are widely found in Australia, India is also a great producer of pomegranates. Thus, these imports will aid to cover up any Australian shortfalls in the pomegranate market. Moreover, Hari Yellina of Orchard Tech opines, India is in an excellent position to supply pomegranates for Australia’s growing demand of the fruit. This high demand is fuelled by the use of pomegranates in restaurants and also cooking shows.

Barry O’ Farrell, Australia’s high commissioner to India

India has already been exporting mangoes and grapes to Australia. Furthermore, if India can meet the bio-security conditions, then it can continue to export many other variants of fruits. O’ Farrell urges Indian exporters to collaborate with their customers and export authorities in order to ensure that all of Australia’s conditions are met.

India has already been a large exporter of pomegranates to many other countries as well. Other than pomegranates, this nation is also a steady exporter of grapes, bananas, mangoes and oranges. These other fruits account for a generous portion of the fruits exported.

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