Pakistani pageant queen hospitalized in Melbourne for saying no to neighbour about babysitting request

By Our Reporter
Mrs Siddra Jutt

Melbourne based mumprenuer Mrs Siddra Jutt, the winner of Mrs Pakistan Australia beauty contest, has ended up in hospital along with her kids as a result—she says in a social media post—of saying NO to neighbour for a baby sitting request

Mrs Jutt said in her post:

“It’s a really sad day for me and my family. It’s a reward from my neighbour to me for looking after, loving and caring for her six year old child for 3+ years. My unconditional love was not valued and my soul is deeply hurt. Never knew that my children and I would end up with collars on the neck and punches all over my head, body and stomach and I will be dragged with my hair in the street. My 5 year old will end up with a broken leg and my 7 year old will be punched in the face ripping her lip and nose.

Siddra seen here with her son at a hospital

My husband wasn’t home and nobody intervened to stop the assault and just watched with phones in their hand.

Saying a “Simple NO” cost us all this pain that we have endured.

That little angel deserves a better human to call Mum….

I’m speechless and shocked…..”

Siddra seen here with with Mathew Guy in Cranbourne

Mrs Jutt, who also runs an online business of selling Pakistani designer clothes in Australia, and is a well-known figure in desi circles of Melbourne is presently recovering in a hospital.

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