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By Indira Laisram

I feel very grateful to be given this opportunity to be a part of The Indian Sun. For many of us, 2020 is surreal. And as we accept our new normal of social isolation, I have found a way to connect with you by sharing people’s experiences of life through the stories in this issue. Every story speaks to challenges, opportunities, faith in the future and, importantly, the resilience of Indian migrants, who are a part of Australia’s unique multicultural fabric.

The idea of having Community Insider as one of the newsletters came with the need to fill the information gap, to tell so many untold stories lying out there about the Indian diaspora. Hopefully, in course of time, we will be able to capture the full breadth of the diaspora across Australia, and in a meaningful and engaging way. One of the boons of the internet is also the opportunity to create multimedia elements in our stories!

As a writer, the gratification for me is tied to a hope, that my stories inspire you one way or the other by reading about the efforts of others trying to make a positive difference in the country they now call home. Take Arvind Shrivastava and Dr Sunila who came to Australia before the White Australia Policy was removed, or Avanti Sinha, who migrated in the early 2000s, or Adiityaa Sangwan a newer migrant—they are all a good reminder of success, adventure and entrepreneurship.

We do need your help, though. Let us know about your achievements, your struggles, ideas or any story that you might like to share. You will never know about your own story until you tell us. There is beauty in every story, and that is how we imagine an integrative world.

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