New Museum of Art and Photography to open in Bengaluru

By Our Reporter

The 42,000 square-foot Museum space is the brainchild of industrialist and philanthropist Abhishek Poddar.

This time next year, Bengaluru may be home to a 42,000 square-foot Museum of Art and Photography. Currently under construction, the project is the brainchild of industrialist and philanthropist Abhishek Poddar.

The museum will be spread across five floors and include multiple galleries, an auditorium, a research library, a restoration lab, classrooms, a museum store and cafe. MAP is set to be the most inclusive museum in the country, taking a focused approach to accessibility with a special focus on people with physical disabilities.

“I believe strongly in the capacity for art to change the way in which we view the world and the relevance of museums as agents of positive change,” says Poddar.

India has long-boasted great architectural monuments and a thriving gallery scene, yet has never been known for its museum culture. Which is exactly what this state-of-the-art institution seeks to rectify.

MAP is custodian to a growing collection of over 18,000 artworks, predominantly from the subcontinent and dating from the 10th century to the present. The collection is organised in six key departments: Modern & Contemporary Art, Photography, Folk & Tribal Art, Popular Culture, Pre-Modern Art and Textiles, Craft & Design. This collection forms the nucleus of the Museum’s exhibitions, and is also available to researchers and for loan from qualifying institutions and museums, both in India and abroad.

Poddar is a businessman and a prominent collector and patron of the arts in India. He is involved in various family group companies with diverse interests ranging from trading and export to tea, industrial explosives, travel and retail. Poddar also serves on the advisory committees of several cultural institutions including the Deccan Heritage Foundation and FIND (Foundation Inde-Europe de Nouveaux Dialogues or the India-Europe Foundation for New Dialogues) headquartered in Rome. To learn more visit

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