Mental health top reason for visiting a Homeopath new survey reveals

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The number one reason for visiting a Homeopath in Australia is mental health issues, according to a new study published this week. Gastrointestinal and skin conditions were also top reasons for visiting a Homeopath. These findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal of the Australian Homeopathic Association, Similia.

Homeopathy is a natural traditional medicine growing in popularity and is used by more than 500 million people around the world.

The study was conducted in 2019 by The Aurum Project, an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to natural medicine research. Led by Dr Celeste Salter* and Linlee Jordan*, the study was established to understand why people visit homeopaths in Australia.

The data reveals that Homeopathy is chosen by many people across Australia, from birth into their late 80s, and for a diverse range of conditions, including ‘general health’. It also shows that the majority of people using homeopathy are women.

In this study, not only is mental health the most common reason to visit a Homeopath (at 27.6%), it is by far the most widespread. Patients visit almost three times more for mental health purposes, compared with the next greatest singular reason: skin conditions.

“This important correlation suggests that the concerns of people who visit homeopaths is in alignment with the health needs of the broader community. At more than twice the number of presentations than any other category, the details and characteristics of this significant result will be discussed in a subsequent paper.” says Dr Celeste Salter, who is the Research Coordinator.

Michelle Hookham* is a homeopath who took part in the study. She also has a specialist qualification as a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse. Michelle remarks “The study result is in line with my own practice, where many people present seeking treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma as well as a range of other acute and chronic alterations in health. I also notice that for people with chronic health conditions, there are often underlying mental/emotional challenges. Human beings are complex organisms of interdependent parts. A holistic approach such as homeopathy can be very helpful in many cases.

When people have serious and life-long mental illness, it is essential to have a team approach to care. When health professionals collaborate to provide services that ‘wrap-around’ the person needing mental/emotional support, outcomes are optimised, people get access to care within their own community and hospital admissions for mental healthcare are minimised.”

Study outcomes are congruent with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Health of the Nation Report (2019) “The primary reason given for people to visit a general practitioner (GP) is mental health”.

About the Survey

Data was collected over a two-month period, including demographics of: age, gender, ethnicity, state or territory of residence, as well as basic homeopathic data: name of condition, medical diagnosis, prescription, and dosage.

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