Beauty pageant winner Jaskiran Kaur Uppal is an ambassador for empowerment

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Jaskiran Kaur Uppal

Jaskiran Kaur Uppal wears many hats. The reigning Miss India Oregon and Miss Bollywood USA 2020, Jaskiran is also an undergraduate at Washington State University Vancouver, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. To add to her list of credentials, is also president of the International Student Association at WSUV.

Jaskiran was recently nominated by her university for the Women Distinction Award. That isn’t the only feather in her cap as far as academic achievements are concerned—Jaskiran also won first place in a bioengineering competition, not once, but twice, while representing the state of Washington.

After winning the prize, Jaskiran was nominated for the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of excellence from Harvard University.

Jaskiran Kaur Uppal

“In my free time I try and connect with the community as a cultural ambassador,” says Jaskiran. “I am involved in events that promote diversity and inclusion. We help feed underprivileged kids, help with shelter homes, distribute biodegradable sanitary pads in localities as well as take the lead in hygiene education for girls.”

Jaskiran was recently involved in managing the Festival of Harvest event, which is supported by the City of Bellevue. She was also involved in the Festival of Color supported by the City of Issaquah.

Along with these initiatives, she also created her own non-profit organisation in Portland, Oregon, and has served the community in various ways through the organisations Seva UW, Red Cross Org., and Friends for Trees along with helping at multiple share homes.

Jaskiran has also been to multiple charity events such as Magic Bus foundation, which helps kids in India get an education and as well works to prevent young age marriage. With her platform of being Miss India she balances school and community service at the tip of her hand.

Jaskiran Kaur Uppal

On her birthday in December, the World Humanitarian Award, which she received that day at the Global Icon Awards in Los Angeles, was literally the icing on her cake.

“Whenever I get a moment free I like to spend it with my family. I also love to bake,” says Jaskiran. She also volunteers at multiple share homes with the Clark County judge and Oregon State Senators. She also loves dancing as she has won multiple awards in dance competitions such as the Portland Got Moves and SWICC Diwali events etc.

Jaskiran is also a Bhangra coach in her community, and she loves to spread happiness with laughter and various types of dance moves. She believes that women need to stand together and show the world that beauty is not in the skin, but is within the heart and mind. “By standing together, we can fulfil all our dreams.”

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