Let’s break the addiction to cheap Chinese imported products, says AWU National Secretary

By Our Reporter

Nation-wide poll finds that Covid has boosted Australian desire to buy local, break import dependence

An overwhelming majority of Australians believe coronavirus should serve as a wakeup call for the nation to start making more essential products here and for government to commit to buying domestically building products when constructing infrastructure.

A national poll, conducted by YouGov, found that 88% of Australians agree that the country should be less reliant on imports from China.

A little over 80% said that when the government builds infrastructure it should use Australian-made products (e.g. Australian-made steel) whenever possible, even if it costs more.

Around 70% said the Coronavirus has made them more likely to look for Australian products to buy.

AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton said the overwhelming results should send a clear message to decisions makers.

“Coronavirus should be the wake up call our leaders need to stop being petty and just get behind Australian jobs,” Mr Walton said.

“Now more than ever Australians want to be making our essential products here. We don’t want to be reliant on China. And we want Aussie infrastructure to be built from Aussie steel, aluminium, glass, and cement. Let’s break the addiction to cheap Chinese imported products. It’s a stupid false economy. Australian-made building materials are not only top quality, they’re globally competitive. But it’s pretty telling that even if they weren’t, four out of five people would want their infrastructure built from Aussie-made materials anyway,” he said.

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  1. If Whole World Come Together And Put A Ban On Cheap Chinese Products We Can Teach China A Lesson For Hiding Facts About Corona Virus,Many Life’s Could Have Been Saved.India Took This Opportunity To Break Chinese Market And Put A Full Stop To China’s Plan Of Becoming Supernation.