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By Indira Laisram
Avi Kaul

In a time defined by virality, Avi Kaul has found the information on COVID-19 overwhelming. However, the Year 10 student of Nossal High School in Berwick is excited as life returns to a slow normal and going to school will become routine again. A cricket enthusiast, who not only plays but blogs about the game, Kaul is looking forward to taking up the bat soon. He is also currently a team player of Mount Waverley Cricket Club and has played in U15 team last season. An active participant of inter school sports like hockey, cricket, swimming and athletics, the 14-year old shares an outward view of life, so far, under isolation.

Are you looking forward to going back to school?

To some extent, yes, I am looking forward to going back to school.

What have you missed the most staying in isolation during this crisis?

The thing I have missed the most during this crisis would have to be that I couldn’t do my cricket coaching or play any cricket in general. I have also missed the fact I can’t eat any fast food as my parents refuse to buy me any just as a precautionary measure to avoid catching the virus.

What do you think about home schooling or remote learning?

I found remote learning much easier than normal school. That is because I have more time to do my work, whereas on a normal school day the trip to and from school takes quite a while and I get home late.

Young people have the right to understand the nature of this global crisis. Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information about coronavirus? How did you learn about the virus?

I do feel a little overwhelmed by all the information going around about this health crisis as there is a lot to keep up with so many news reports covering different countries where it is present. Furthermore, the spread of fake news, different notions about its origin from eating bats or the Chinese wet markets or a lab created virus, makes it hard for young people like me to decipher the fact and reality. The fact that there are over five million cases and over 300,000 global deaths has also made me realise how damaging this virus is and how my actions during this time can affect others around me.

I do find a bit of hope that there have been almost two million recoveries and that there is a global effort to finding a vaccine or treatment for this virus which has brought this world together.

I have learnt about the virus through social media platforms and news reports. Additionally, the regular emails and messages sent to me from my school has kept me updated and helped me understand the situation better.

What do you feel about the future?

I feel excited for the future with life slowly returning to business as usual. Hopefully, it will become more interesting and I will be able to do outdoors activities that I love, and, more importantly, enjoy doing with the utmost freedom.

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