Samanvi to perform for The Indian Sun this Saturday

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Samanvi Kowdle

A multi-talented flamboyant child prodigy Samanvi will perform at 8 PM on 16 May

Nine-year old Samanvi Kowdle will take to Facebook page this Saturday to perform live for The Indian Sun‘s audience. Samanvi is the 11th artist to perform under the Lockdown Diaries that has attracted over 100k viewers so far. Many talented musicians from Australia and India have kept viewers entertained during the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Samanvi is a Carnatic vocalist. She also plays the keyboard / Western Classical piano player.

Belonging to the lineage of Sanskrit scholars and Advaitic savant “Dikshitar”, has a natural flair for music and Sanskrit language. Recognising her natural flair and talents, Samanvi’s skills were nurtured by exposing her to various classes in performing arts by her parents.

At a tender age of two, she was fluently reciting verses. Samanvi chants Bhagavad Gita, Vedic chants, Vishnu Sahasranamam and many more with ease. She knows 300+ shlokas. You can appreciate her crisp and clear pronunciation if you watch her videos. She has recited at many temples in India and Australia. Samanvi loves to read Indian mythological stories.

Samanvi has acted as a child actor in an Australian TV series- Five Bedrooms starred by popular actor Mr Steve Peacocke

She started learning Carnatic classical music at the age of four from renowned teachers. Now, she is learning Western classical piano and Western vocals. She has given many performances in Melbourne and also in India for charity and community events. She performs for her school choir.

This versatile star is a child model too. She acted as a background child actor in an Australian TV series Five Bedrooms starred by popular actor Mr Steve Peacocke in lead role which was telecasted on Network10.

She has many appreciations, awards and accolades to her crown. Samnavi is also a yoga enthusiast.

You can find her on Youtube: Samanvi Kowdle | Facebook: /superstarsamanvikowdle

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