Art, craft and some tips to cope with COVID-19 restrictions

By Our Reporter
Ridima Gupta

Nine-year-old Ridima Gupta from Grade 4, Alamanda College, Point Cook, shared her love for art and craft skills with The Indian Sun readers. Ridima sent in photos of her creative work along with a video clip made by her mum Megha Gupta.

About starting her creative journey, Ridima says: “I found my interest in art and craft at the age of 7. My grandfather always guided me and gave me new ideas for craft.” Apart from art, Ridima also loves to dance, cook and read. Ridima has performed in local community events with her friends and has also won a prize at the Wyndham Diwali event last year.

Ridima’s favourite book is Matilda by Ronald Dahl. “I like to read a variety of Chapter books,” says Ridima.

A piece of advice from Ridima on coping with the ongoing pandemic restrictions : “In the current situation of Covid-19, I would say try different things for which you didn’t get time before, spend time with your family, play games and have fun with them or you can do facetime with friends and relatives.”

And does Ridima love homeschooling? “The thing I love most about homeschooling is that there are more breaks😊 and I miss having fun activities with my teacher and classmates.”

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