VHP Australia stands in solidarity with frontline corona warriors

By Our Reporter
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The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly changing the world, forcing people to rethink the way they live and interact. It is creating pressures on families, communities, business, economy and on governments in unprecedented and at an extraordinary scale.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia Inc (World Hindu Council of Australia) stands in solidarity with all those who are working tirelessly to save precious human life. “Our sincere gratitude to the frontline warriors such as doctors, nurses, hospital professionals, police, and emergency service personnel who are ensuring our health and wellbeing. We also thank their families for supporting them during these difficult times,” said a statement from the VHP released to the media.

“On behalf of the Australian Hindu community, we commend the efforts of the Australian Federal, State governments and their multiple agencies for the wide ranging, timely and effective measures in managing this crisis. These are difficult times for governments across the world, and we salute the efforts of the Australian government in keeping Australia safe and for looking after the interests of its citizens and residents.”

The Hindu community salutes all Australians doing their bit to combat the Covid-19 crisis, for their generosity, fortitude, and courage in these testing times, said the statement.

“We pray for peace and good health of the world (our extended family). We also appeal to all Australians and visitors to support and follow the directions and advice of the Australian government and its agencies. We recognise the urgency and importance of diverse communities working together hand in hand with the government. Across the globe, all of us share in the suffering and stand united in our resolve to see the world and Australia through this crisis for a brighter and better tomorrow.”

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