Rideshare Service DiDi to launch in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

By Our Reporter

DiDi will continue commitment to maximising its driver-partners’ income with flexible work opportunities; drivers who are approved with DiDi before 23 September will receive a 0% service fee for four weeks

DiDi, a world-leading mobile transportation platform, is expanding its presence in South East Queensland with the launch of its rideshare service, DiDi Express, in both Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast on Monday, 23 September.

Currently, DiDi successfully operates in Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle and recently launched its value-for-money, reliable and safe rideshare service in Brisbane on 22 July, which has been widely adopted by Brisbane drivers and riders alike.

DiDi will continue its commitment to maximising its driver-partners’ income with flexible work opportunities in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast, while making the service available to a total population of over three million who can now travel across the three regions with DiDi. Drivers will benefit from DiDi’s industry-leading 5.5 percent service fee . In addition, drivers who sign up and are approved with DiDi before 23 September will receive a zero percent service fee for four weeks. Drivers who sign up on or after 23 September will be eligible to DiDi’s standard 5.5 percent service fee.

The rideshare app will also provide competitive incentives for Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast riders. Those who sign up on the DiDi-Rider App before 23 September will receive 50 percent off their first five trips (valid for 21 days, capped at $10 per trip), while those who download and sign up on or after 23 September will receive 50 percent off their first three trips (valid for 14 days, capped at $10 per trip).

DiDiDAYS was a popular initiative in the launch of the DiDi-Rider App in Brisbane, providing a free ride up to $20 on Saturdays post-launch, and will also be available to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast rideshare users.

Across the first three Saturdays after the 23 September launch, DiDi will offer its Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast users one free ride to the value of $15: DiDiDAY 1 – Saturday, 28 September; DiDiDAY 2 – Saturday, 5 October; DiDiDAY 3 – Saturday, 12 October.

The rideshare service in Gold Coast will be available as far north as Stapylton and south to Coolangatta. Meanwhile, DiDi will be available in the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra and Beerwah to the south through to Noosa to the north.

DiDi has opened a DiDi Driver Hub in Southport to onboard and prepare driver-partners, which will remain open until 1 October, while a DiDi Driver Hub will open in Maroochydore from 9 September. Meanwhile the DiDi Driver Hub in Brisbane, based in Greenslopes, remains open. Interested drivers are encouraged to register today by downloading the DiDi Driver App or visiting a DiDi Driver Hub for more information.

DiDi Australia General Manager Mr. Lyn Ma said: “Over the past month, we have been warmly welcomed by drivers and riders in Brisbane, which gives us the confidence to bring our service to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for the benefit of the region’s residents and tourists alike. “We aim to offer AI-powered technologies with local and global operational expertise to the community, and we are eager to listen to users’ feedback to improve the product and experience with the aspiration of becoming the preferred ridesharing service in Australia.”

DiDi Mobility (Australia) Pty Ltd launched its ride-hailing platform in 2018 with a commitment to building partnerships with drivers, passengers, policymakers and business partners to provide fully localised mobility services in Australia. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, DiDi Australia first launched its rideshare service, Express, in Geelong, Victoria in May 2018 and has since expanded to Melbourne (June 2018) Newcastle, New South Wales (March, 2019) and Brisbane, Queensland (July 2019). DiDi Australia conducts vigorous driver vetting processes and offers its users comprehensive safety features with 24/7 customer service phone support.


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