MissFit? You bet!

By Our Reporter
Kate Beeley

Meet Kate Beeley, the woman behind a female-only gym, where women are encouraged to push boundaries and stay in shape, so they can live life to the fullest

After years of working in the cinema industry, with its late nights, long hours, broken shifts and irregular eating, in the year 2007, Kate Beeley decided to call it quits. “I had to balance my dedication to work with my fitness goals. The next balance was when I had my two children,” says Kate. And that’s when she decided to turn her health and fitness goals—her passion—into her work. MissFit, a female-only gym, was the result of that fire.

“I know that balancing busy lives with physical and mental health is a goal for many women. That’s why I started MissFit,” she says.

After qualifying as a personal trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness, Kate began to chase her dream, step by step. “I try to lead by example at MissFit. I have fun and motivate myself to push my boundaries,” says Kate, who in 2017, found a place in the Guinness World Record for Most Burpees in one hour female—1321 reps). The same year, she also placed first in the under 45kg Figure Fitness WFF Singapore Asia Pacific Pro AM. She is the first woman to complete the 101 flights stairs at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Brisbane.

As to why a women-only gym, Kate says it was a natural progression. “I did start out training women and men back in the day, but the brand name MissFit really leant itself towards a female only fitness focused company. After the success of my first female only bootcamp back in 2008, I decided to only train women,” she says.

At the gym, clients are trained by female personal trainers who are committed to offering the best workouts and service possible. “We understand women’s bodies and we know the best methods for you. We know that staying active in life builds inner-strength and that’s what will keep you feeling confident, healthy and happy. Our gym is an ideal environment for women who are looking for an uncrowded gym setting to get fit and stay in shape. Being part of a female-only gym also means there are more equipment catered toward the female body and our goals.”

In her children she found the inspiration to start the Baby Boot Camp, a six-week core package she offers through MissFit. “We aim to inspire women to achieve their best in life through exercise. We want all of our clients to live life to the fullest and we are focused on motivating them to achieve their goals. It’s what we do better than anyone else,” says Kate, who still carefully monitors her family’s diet.

“Gaining strength and losing weight are very empowering. We’ve had some incredible transformations with many clients completely changing their lives through weight loss and fitness goals,” says Kate, who trains each week in weights, kick boxing and running to maintain her physical strength and fitness as well as to inspire clients.

Despite her hectic schedule—her location at Coorparoo has just turned into a 24/7 gym—Kate plans on focusing some of her energy into rebuilding her MissFit Personal Training and Sportswear brand to support women with their health and fitness goals. “This has been on the backburner for a number of years due to my focus on the training side of the business. There are only so many hours in the day! But I have a great team now and I plan to focus some more energy in this direction to further promote the MissFit brand to women. The more people who wear it, the more people know about it.”


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