Fitting in, forging ahead

Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018

Jenish Shah | Entrepreneur

Almost every night,  Jenish Shah reads a book from the Weir Do series (by Anh Do) to his child. The series is about a new kid in school, with an unforgettable name, who is just trying to fit in.  Jenish can’t explain it, but this is the first book that pops into his mind when someone asks him to name a favourite read. Perhaps, says  Jenish, it has to with the fact that he can relate to the protagonist.

“I came to Australia ten years ago on a student visa and had to work hard at fitting in,” says  Jenish, who came here to do a Master’s in Professional Accounting.

“But I guess entrepreneurship is the Australian dream. And that was what drew me in. Entrepreneurship is about being rewarded by happy clients, believing in yourself and inspiring others to follow your journey. It’s a constant approach to make things better and having the courage to go through all the challenges,” says  Jenish, whose first job was as a door to door salesman selling electricity and gas contracts.

He is currently one of the directors of Air Voice group, managing 42 Vodafone dealer stores across Australia. “We are also involved in the retail supermarket business, real estate business and accounting business,” he says.

He considers the moment he and his partners decided to buy their first Vodafone dealer store in SA as his most important business move. “At that time we were new to business in Australia and we never thought that we would grow to acquiring 41 other stores after that,” he says.

The way I see it

Growth… It doesn’t mean just expanding the business. Growth is about improving your awareness and identity, developing talent and acquiring more knowledge, using your good virtues towards enhancing the quality of life and realising your true dreams and aspirations

Business mantra… “Be the best in what you do”

Advice to budding entrepreneurs… get involved in the business that you love, work hard, review financials regularly, don’t go for immediate gains but look for long term returns

Australia… is a land of great opportunity

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