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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar | Entrepreneur

For Amit Kumar the single most frightening moment in his career was when his business partners quit on him. But, says the entrepreneur, it was also the turning point in his career because it meant he was now 100% responsible for his success or failure. “I took it as a challenge, not a hurdle. I am a spiritual person, I am a hardworking person and I knew that was all I needed to forge ahead,” he says.

Amit has been living in Australia since 2004, when he came here as a student of information technology at the University of South Australia. Destiny had something else planned for him, when he took up his first job as a kitchen hand in an Indian restaurant. “I never liked the IT field and so never applied for a job in it,” he says.

“I wanted to start something of my own,” says Amit, who got married after his degree. He worked as a supervisor in a motel for six months, then worked a few part-time jobs, and even drove a taxi for the physically challenged for a while.

“Hospitality was an easy line for me because I was a cook in an Indian restaurant,” says Amit, who in 2009—along with a few other partners—bought a Mexican and Turkish café.

“It was my first business so there were hiccups, my business wasn’t doing well, and that was when my partners quit,” says Amit. But, says the entrepreneur, he began working day and night at improving the business and then one day, the café turned into a profitable venture.

After running the café successfully for seven years, Amit decided to buy out a famous seafood restaurant in Adelaide, located on the beach. “The restaurant was struggling when I bought it but I took it as a challenge. In the first year, we increased sales by 5%. We are doing even better this year,” he says.

But what Amit has learned over the years is that there is always something more to learn. Whenever he gets time to himself, he usually logs on to the internet to read or listen to stories that inspire. “I love hearing entrepreneurs tell their stories,” says Amit. “It inspires you to do more.”

The way I see it

Growth… I think the real growth is when you make a name in the society through your creativity and uniqueness

Business mantra… Take your time to find a suitable business first; then give your 100%. Always feel that God is helping you achieve your goal

A book I recommend… Neil Armstrong’s A Life of Flight

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