Kuchipudi with a modern touch


Sruthi Parepally lives and breathes the art of Kuchipudi. A classicist with 15 years of experience and a diploma course in the Kuchipudi dance form, Sruthi has been trained in the traditional techniques under the guidance of gurus Vanaja Uday Garu and Kum Koka Vijayalaxmi Garu.

“I am devoted to this beautiful art, its impressive dance moves and presentation with deep understanding of bhava (emotion) and abhinaya (expression),” says Sruthi, who has given more than 200 unique dance recitals in India, Malaysia, UK, and Europe (Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Holland ) on behalf of ICCR and UKTA with Dr Vanaja.

She established the ‘Art of Kuchipudi’ academy in Melbourne in 2014 with the idea of introducing modern music and choreography into the dance form to make it more appealing to youth. “Our motto is to promote Kuchipudi and to show it is as one of the greatest dance forms,” says Sruthi, who has received several awards including the Ugadhi Puraskaram (2013), Shree Guruvayoorappan Puraskaram (2017), Guruvayoor; and Simhapuri Natya Yuva Ratna (2017), Nellore.


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