I am just a guy having fun


British actor Kiran Rai talks to The Indian Sun on Ed Sheeran, IFA award and hosting his 80th show and world tour

He has hosted entertainment extravaganzas around the world, launched magazines, even produced his own show at the age of 17. British actor Kiran Rai was in Australia recently for his 80th major event in entertainment—the launch of the app Social Box.

Currently on tour with DMS and Social Box—20 countries in 5 months, 7 left to go—Rai has been recognised one of Britain’s most influential young people according to the 100 top India influential. He recently won the IFF award in Mumbai for foreign artist of the year, has worked with singer Ed Sheeran, and has been asked to host the NBA basketball in London this year. Rai was in Australia recently to launch the Social Box app (that allows one to share life moments) and is currently on a world tour as he has become the face of the brand.

“I am just a guy having fun,” says Rai, who has hosted 22 major sporting events including the World Cup and Wimbledon and will be presenting at the MOTO GB at the Silverstone. This August he presented at the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Challenge Cup final at Wembley stadium. “I believe you’ve got to work hard and play hard. You’ve got to believe in yourself,” he says.

Rai says he’s loving Australia. “Melbourne is beautiful and I feel really lucky coming here,” says the actor, who at 17 produced his own show that hit the London Theatre and New York Stage. “Australia is a country that is so far away from the United Kingdom yet has the Commonwealth connect. I feel like I had to launch it here regardless of the business company partnering with me or not,” says Rai, who launched a online magazine called Kings and Queen which had more than 250,000 readers in less than 24 hours. He sold the company last year to an American company for £1.2 million pounds.

Rai says he now sets his sights on Bollywood and Hollywood. “I’m waiting for this tour to finish and then we’re off,” he says.


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