Indian granny got talent?


Production house seeks Indian heritage grandparent who can sing

Kirkland-Morris Productions is developing special musical content for grandparents and their grandchildren and would like to include a grandparent of Indian heritage in their cast (man or woman).

The relationship between grandparent and grandchild is an incredibly important and special relationship and the content produced will be very unique and wonderfully warm. Kirkland-Morris Productions has worked closely with ABC Kids and ABC Kids TV since 1988 and all of the songs will be written by John Field who has written more than 400 songs for The Wiggles.

The production house is looking for a grandma/grandpa with a “tuneful voice” with the ability to harmonise. “We want a natural mover—someone who moves freely with beat and can pick up simple dance steps quickly,” says production head Maree KM. “We want someone with a natural connection to the camera, who can relax and be themselves in front of one; and definitely with a lovely warm smile, a sense of fun and playfulness,” she adds.

The cast will be required for filming 1 or 2 days a month and there will also be live touring involved. Auditions will be held in the week of 13 August.

Interested grandparents should forward an email in the first instance to Maree Kirkland-Morris.


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