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Time certainly flies. It’s been a year since we launched our Adelaide edition, and we’ve garnered more love and support for our work than we could ever imagine.

In April last, when we launched, our cover story highlighted The Dark Campaign, a movement started by a group of individuals to create awareness about sexual assault and rape. The group Shamshir launched internationally in India, Australia and New Zealand and hoped to educate young people about consent and healthy relationships. So it is only befitting that as we move into the second year of our Adelaide issue, we feature an event organised by Shamshir—the Mini Me Project—which aims to raise funds for a campaign against child abuse.

Adelaide is one of the fast growing multicultural cities in Australia, and we hope to feature more of the good work by the growing Indian Diaspora in the region, as we have done through this year.

Another milestone this May. The second edition of Who’s Who of Sydney’s Indian Community was launched on the fifth of the month, and amidst the great music and food was also the mission to raise funds for a cause—that of Lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects people the world over with a higher incidence in certain regions of the world and in certain ethnic groups.

The keynote address at the launch was delivered by Joseph Chou of Ironfish. Born in Beijing, China, and after graduating from Peking University, Chou went on to study in the US, before migrating to Australia in 1991.

Chou is truly the embodiment of what the Who’s Who is about. The annual publication spotlights migrants from the Indian diaspora who have made a mark in Australia. Like most migrants, Chou’s story is one of determination and hard work which resulted in undiluted success. After becoming one of the most sought after mandarin interpreters and translators in Australia, in 1998, Chou discovered the power of creating wealth through investing in Australian property and since then has built a large property portfolio. In early 2006, Chou set up Ironfish and has grown it into one of the largest and most successful property investment brands in Australia. Today, Chou is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to reach their potential. His personal story of success, ‘from bicycles to Bentleys’ continues to inspire many. As did his keynote address for Who’s Who.


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