In every child, a sense of pride


What do those first words really mean to a parent, those first steps? 

Being proud of our children, or anyone for that matter, has nothing to do with achieving anything extra-ordinary or special. Pride in our children comes from seeing the fruits of our labor. As parents, we work tirelessly and with great care to give our children the tools they need to be successful, perhaps even achieve the extra-ordinary or special feats to which you speak.

Pride comes from seeing each step toward adulthood achieved; knowing they are that much closer to self-sufficiency and potential greatness. Just as when you achieve something at work, or in your personal life which is good, or gets you closer to whatever personal/professional goals you may have, you likely feel a sense of self-pride. Have you done anything extra-ordinary or special? Perhaps, at least to you and/or your boss. But to the balance of the population, you likely have done nothing special.

Pride is the recognition of the good things we each do throughout life. At age two months, that may be the feat of rolling over. Is that not special and extra-ordinary to the child’s development?

Does it come by default? To a degree, yes. Parents tend to look for those small moments that are giant leaps of success and extra-ordinary conquests for their children; taking a first step, first word, going off to school. To the adult, these are small events, perhaps even meaningless ones. Children do plenty to make parents proud. There are the obvious things. But then there are the other things. The things you couldn’t have dreamed would make you proud, before you became a parent. Those moments when you glimpse, just for a second, a glimmer of civilisation.

Here are some Adelaide parents sharing how proud they are to have these priceless souls in their lives…!! To the children, here, a note: You are all as precious to your parents today as you were the moment you were born. When they first saw you and heard you, they knew you were destined to be a precious part of their lives.

They have been constantly amazed by you as they watch you grow and blossom into a beautiful, outgoing and loving child.

You walked and talked like no other; you developed an understanding of other people’s feelings and an awareness of the world around you as a young child. Daily they watch you find the beauty in the world; the best in other people and the silver lining to every cloud.

You are filled with kindness and love for everyone around you and you put those feelings into actions with lots of effort and imagination. You accept everyone, just the way they are. You are non-judgmental and sensitive.

“You all paint the sky for your parents.”

They will always stand behind you to help and guide you. They love you and thank you for being you.



I am Arman. A cool and stylish dude. I love playing with trucks and jigsaws. I am always ready to travel and explore new places with mum and dad.

Armaan Benipal
Armaan Benipal

Hi everyone, I am rock star my name is Armaan Benipal, I love dancing and playing my guitar. I love to make my dance videos. I want to be worldwide famous one day!

My biggest passion is my collection of superhero costumes, I love art, I am very creatively love painting and drawing. I like karate.

I love travelling with mum and dad.

Josh & Tia

Josh is 6 years old. He’s a cheeky little monkey! He gives me loads of cuddles and kisses without being asked!

He’s a genius, and says he’s going to be a scientist when he grows up. Josh is head strong and independent boy. He loves cars and can name, makes, brands and years etc of mostly any car now. He has a huge collection of rare models of cars. Josh is blessed with athletic skills and loves to be called “SPEEDY’’. I love to watch him learn and grow every day. He is the GREATEST!


Tia is 8 years old. Everything about my princess is special! She’s my angel!!!

When she’s done on her naughty step and says sorry, she tells me, ‘Mama, I love you!!! You are my best friend. He has an ability to read other people’s feelings and do something to make them feel better. She leaves me notes all the time telling me that she loves me.

Tia is so creative and has developed an incredible sense of justice at such a young age. She’s growing as a strong, determined, confident and a reliable young girl. Tia loves to be creative while painting and has a talent for music.

I love her zest for life, enthusiasm when taking on challenges, and who they are becoming.

Kushal Bantupali
Kushal Bantupali

Kushal was born on 17 September, 2014. From that day we as parent’s started experiencing and understanding what pure and unconditional love is, in our heart which we have never felt before. With every small developmental milestone that Kushal has being achieving, we have being revealing our joy to the world.

Being Kushal’s parents has being one of our greatest gift of our life. There is nothing that could ever change how we feel about Kushal. He loves to go to parks to slide and play with his friends, loves eating kebabs and fishes and loves playing with toy cars and kids puzzles games.

We wish Kushal all the best for his future and pray that his good luck stays with him always and also when he grows old we promise you that we will always consider his feelings and try to see things from his point of view too.


Hi my name is Arth. I’m 5 years old. I like super heroes. Spider-Man is my favourite character. I wish I had webs like him so I can climb from one building to another to help people.

Samar Pratap
Samar Pratap

Pisces born boy Samar Pratap is always fascinated by big cars, clothes and shoes. He always love to dress up like a hero. And he love saying “I am a hero “.

Samar never miss chance to pose in front of camera.

His charming nature and hazel eyes always attract people. Samar loves to play soccer and cricket with his big brother. Being youngest in the family he is always been pampered.

Arnav Kumar
Aarnav Kumar

Aarnav Kumar is a good observer and quick learner. He is blessed with sincerity and is a disciplined kid. Initially, takes time to mix up but never forget his friends once made. He is full of energy and enjoy every moment, obviously a favourite kid of every one wherever he goes!


Fateh is into all different kinds of vehicles and especially monster trucks. In his free time he usually plays with his sister Hiral, or is involved in outdoor sand activities—such as building sand castles and all. With his parents he loves going shopping and playing with them. He is very excited about next year when he finally starts schooling.


Hiral is interested music and endangered animals. Her dream is to have her own rock band. In her free time she plays on her iPad or spends time with her brother, sing or draw. With her parents, she loves playing badminton, going to places and exploring new things. In her school NAP Plan testing she achieved an exceptional grade.


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