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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Ramnish Sharma

Ramnish Sharma—Entrepreneur

Ramnish Sharma moved to Australia in 2009 and turned his passion into a business in 2011. Since he started his mortgage business, he has achieved results in a short span of time, without aggressive advertising or marketing.

“In our world today, people want information and reassurance on demand. Bhavna and I, working as a team, strive to provide this by being very responsive. Our extensive lending knowledge is always available to our clients quickly and easily. And this is what makes our business so different from the rest,” says Ramnish.

With 35 years’ of experience in finance and lending between them, the couple joined this competitive mortgage broking industry with a passion and philosophy to work in the “interest of the clients” and make the lending process as easy as it can be. Approachable, understanding and passionate about what they do, they pride themselves that in such a short span of six years, without any hoardings, marketing or advertisements, they have built a portfolio of clients who advocate for them and the word of mouth spreads.

“When you have been in banking and finance as long as we have, you come to understand how banks and lenders work,” says Ramnish.

Finalist of “Lender Choice awards” and Winner of “Broker of the year Award” and many other awards, as well as their position of being Diamond/Flame/Premium brokers with most banks, has made them a name to reckon with.

“We work together with our clients, ensuring they are very clear on all aspects of the loan so that they can make informed decisions. We know their decisions affects their families and their future. Hence working in client’s best interests is our ultimate goal.”

A different side

I believe. Financial Success, as well as most success in life, is not about perfection, it’s about direction [Warren Buffet]

What I love about Australia. Opportunity to grow

What I love about India. It holds the most cherishable memories of our past

Favourite hang-out in Melbourne. Anywhere I am with my family

Must-read. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

My advice to entrepreneurs. Customers are the most important visitors of our businesses.They are not the interruption, but the purpose of our work

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