2018, a year of blockchain big gains

By Our Reporter

Every new year marks a beginning, a new hope, excitement of things to come, of what might be. The beginnings, hopes and excitement means different things to different people. For me, I would say one of the most exciting things that is taking place is the cryptocurrency revolution. 2018 is when I see it getting real.

Blockchain will be a shot in the arm for democracy, media and every aspect of human life. Micro-publishers will benefit immensely from this technology. Internet has impacted publishing positively since its inception. So has social media and so will blockchain. Whether crypto currency makes investors rich or not, the technology that backs cryptocurrency will further revolutionise publishing, governance, banking and other sectors. This revolution will further help decentralise our world.

Facebook and google disrupted major media houses that controlled news and content for decades. Facebook changed the way content was consumed till recently. People to people content delivery became a reality. Our dependence on media houses backed by large corporates became reduced. But over a very quick span of time, we have witnessed how Facebook is turning into an oligarchy. What has emancipated us is fast becoming a curse. It’s like junk food. Content is once again controlled and channelled by powerful vested interests. Peer to peer flow of information is threatened and news feeds are again bought up by the same old interests. Facebook has become one massive middleman that threatens to wipe out even micro-publishing as we know.

Blockchain technology, we believe, has the power to further disrupt centralisation in the years to come and free up content and finance and aid entrepreneurship and great ideas.

American musician Imogen Heap is one of the first few who has hosted her content on blockchain. It freed her content from major music labels, giving her fans access to her content. Blockchain technology makes it possible for her fans to contribute towards her work without middlemen involved. Blockchain will bring in transparency as the technology has inbuilt features that can record customer interaction. It has the power to limit fraud and corruption.

Blockchain is pro-people and that’s why you see a euphoria around it. It’s not about quick profits to investors. At The Indian Sun, we are extremely keen on following the industry and we will keep you updated through our digital platforms on the latest. If you have a keen interest in Blockchain and wish to write for us, please drop us a line.

So that’s what I see happening in the year to come and I’m excited. But as we kickstart the year, read about what’s got everyone else excited as well. Ameet Bains for instance, newly appointed CEO of the Western Bulldogs, tells us why he is raring to go, and for Sydney-Siders, a superstar comes a calling in June.

Happy New Year!


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