Carry on camping


This month there is some serious information about caravanning and also tenting. My preference these days is actually 5 star accommodation, however that’s only because I have been charred over time and have forgotten (conveniently) all the wonderful camping trips I’ve been a part of.

All jokes aside, camping can be very dependent on the weather conditions and that is very hard to control. Camping in wet and cold conditions can be miserable, and the same is true if the weather gets too hot, as the tent heats up and the flies come to dinner as soon as you light the bbq. As it turns to dusk, if not properly prepared you will be doing the “Aussie Wave”. In fact, did you know everyone believes Aussies are really friendly? That’s because we are always “waving”, when in actual fact we are swiping the flies away. Thank goodness someone invented fly and insect repellent.

The fun thing about camping is that it is truly a family activity, something that is economical (once set up) and something the kids love. Life is about creating crazy memories with our kids, family and friends, so we can all reminisce about.

It really does allow you to destress, after you get over the stress of getting packed up and setting up camp. Think of camping this way—it makes you appreciate the time you have with your kids and your family. You are living in a much smaller place, but in a way that can be rewarding and fun. I am yet to come in contact with a kid that hasn’t enjoyed a camping trip, even when things go wrong. If you put a little planning and thought into the trip I promise you will enjoy. I recall my three year old, stealing into the tent and raiding the “food bin”. He knew the musk sticks were hidden under the cans of baked beans. Being a clever rascal, he thought offering me one would let him off the hook. When that didn’t work he smiled and said, “It was for me, not him”.

We again take a look at the other spots and things to do around this wonderful country of ours—so step inside this edition of Green & Gold, and enjoy.


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