Pomeroy Pacific hosts property developers summit

Talis Sterns and Aakash Tolani

Recognising the relation and profound interest of the Indian community’s development stake in the western corridor, Pomeroy Pacific in conjunction with Australia India Business Council hosted the First Indian Property Developer’s Summit at Nawab Sahab restaurant in Werribee on 26 September.

The event was the first of its kind in connecting property developers to project managers, estate agents, brokers and consultants.

Speakers of the night included Molina Asthana, from the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office who inaugurated the evening and the summit, followed by Aakash Tolani, the land subdivisions project manager from Pomeroy Pacific, Talis Sterns—the COO and Hotels expert of the company, and Vijeth Shetty on behalf of the AIBC, who concluded the night with the vote of thanks.

Pomeroy Pacific—which offers a unique three-way value to its clients by not only catering to successful project delivery and management, but also finance and acquisitions advice—foresees a more interconnected industry and market, where transparency and trust are the cornerstone of any project undertaking.

The company plans to hold similar events in the eastern and northern corridors, fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and interdependency. “We endeavour to bring the brand and values the company has built over 50 years of its experience in the built form into the land development market as well,” said Mr Sterns.


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