Revenge, best served cold… and on a flat screen

Rachel Mathew

Rachel’s random ruminations

Ellie is a 7th grade diva. She’s popular, pretty, rich and most of all perfect. Ellie’s father is a multi- millionaire with over 32 houses, unfortunately Ellie misuses the privilege of perfection and that will end up turning Ellie’s perfect little world into the one thing she dreads the most…Imperfect. Elle has two best friends Lindsay and Erica, basically two brainless zombies that agree with everything Ellie says.


“Of course, anything for you, Ellie.”

“That’s right, anything for me! I wouldn’t have you do it any other way.”

As Lindsay ran to grab Ellie’s lip gloss she tripped over the rubbish bin and fell into a pile of old meatloaf. A true friend would go and help her out, but Ellie stood with Erica and screamed, “What a weirdo, can’t she afford actual food?!” Lindsay quickly rummaged through all the expired meatloaf to run and get Ellie’s lip gloss. Unfortunately when Lindsay returned, Ellie and Erica were gone. Lindsay burst into tears and ran to class. “Ha-ha, here comes meat girl! All jokes aside, did you bring my lip gloss?

“Of-course I did.”

“Thank goodness, you’re good for something.”

“I’m good for more, Ellie!”

“Aw, weirdo thinks she’s important, I’ll marry a doughnut before I think you’re important.”


“Nothing, it’s just funny when you get upset, seeing tears in your eyes make me happy.”

“You’re a monster, Ellie Rose DiLaures,” spluttered Lindsay as she ran out of the school and into the old shed she and Matilda played in. Matilda was her old best friend, until she moved to Chicago. As Lindsay recalled the beautiful memories of playing with Matilda, she decided that she wanted to take revenge on Ellie and she wasn’t going to let her get away with bullying.

So she went up to her house, booked the next flight to Chicago and hopped on the plane. All through the flight she kept getting these messages and Instagram DMs saying all these rude things that Ellie posted. This one post actually made Lindsay laugh, it said: “Meat girl ran away, now she’s gonna pay. These rhymes I’m about to say might make break her day.” It was funny because it probably took her the whole day to come up with the first line because Ellie is the dumbest 7th grader in the school. The plane finally landed, after five and a half hours. Lindsay had to buy a phone book to find Matilda’s number — it took her about two hours, but she found it and gave Matilda a call. Matilda answered straight away. They talked for a little while and then got down to business. Matilda asked Lindsay to meet her at Chicago mall, so they could talk over a coffee, and Lindsay told Matilda all about how nasty Ellie was and about the whole meatloaf incident. “Woah, she sounds like the queen of mean, I wonder why everyone loves her so much.”

“It’s obvious, because she’s rich and pretty.”

“Good point.”

They talked a while longer and finally Matilda had a plan. Unfortunately it involved buying a TV. Lindsay was all in as long as Ellie was humiliated or tortured. Matilda took the newly bought television to Esther Vilouseris (voodoo master) and asked her to make the TV come alive. Esther replied with a simple nod and got straight to work. After two and a half hours it was ready. Matilda said her goodbyes to Lindsay and she was off. The next morning Lindsay went to school looking forward to giving Ellie her new TV.

“Hey Ellie, I got you a gift to say sorry for yelling and getting meat on your lip gloss.”

“Aw, thank you meat freak. OMG, WAIT! IS THAT A FLAT SCREEN PLASMA TV?!

“Yes Ellie, it is”

“Is it for me?”

“Of course.”

Lindsay handed Ellie the flat screen and laughed because Ellie didn’t know that she was about to live in her worst nightmare…Imperfection.

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