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Ria Patel (left)

Actor Ria Patel on her new film and music video

Gujarati born Ria Patel, who is currently based in Los Angeles, bagged her first feature film with filmmaker Shomshuklla Das.

The film, titled Flowers and a Lap of Rose, depicts an enchanting world of a poet, who creates a woman with his words and becomes obsessed with her. “It’s an experience we have all had, at least once, so I find it very relatable to the audience. If you ask me what makes it different? I believe it is the poetic language,” says the 22-year-old. “Also my purple hair,” she laughs.

Working with Shomshuklla was an incredible experience, says Ria, as she always tries to do something trying to do something different. “She is not afraid. She embraces flaws and transforms them into beauty. The world I was in felt mesmerizing, it was a challenge as an actor,” says Ria.

Ria Patel in Flowers and a Lap of Rose
Ria Patel in Flowers and a Lap of Rose

The young actress says that as she writes poetry the theme of the movie resonated with her. “Writing poetry is another way to express myself. One word can mean so much. It creates this magical image for the reader. I feel very privileged to be able to bring Shoma’s words to life,” says Ria.

Flowers and a Lap of Rose is getting ready for film festivals.

While on the one hand, actor Ria Patel awaits the audience reaction to her debut feature film on the other, she recently bagged a music video with singer Bebe Rexha.

Ria had to audition for her spot, vying with several dancers of which only four Bollywood were picked. “I was very intimidated when I first got there. I honestly wanted to go home but when the song came on and we were told to dance, I just danced. And nothing else mattered,” says Ria. “The tune just stays with you. After rehearsals I would go home and find that I’m still singing it!”

Ria Patel on the set of Bebe Rexha music video shoot
Ria Patel on the set of Bebe Rexha music video shoot

The music video shows Bebe visiting four different dance “worlds” — Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa and African dancing. “It’s about companionship and acceptance. Towards the end, the four worlds merge and all the different dancers come together to dance. It was so much fun, performing with the other dancers, even though our dance styles were different, we all shared the passion of dancing. It truly resonates throughout the song,” she says.

Ria says the experience of working with Bebe Rexha was a great opportunity and she had an unforgettable time. The video has been released and has over 23 million views on YouTube, and counting.

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