Prepare to be a-mazed!

Mazehouse at Daylesford
Mazehouse at Daylesford

What lies beyond the edge of hedge in Daylesford? Kathie Baker takes a peek

Mazehouse is just out of Daylesford (Victoria) and has been a labour of love and commitment to an idea that hatched some 25 years ago.

The owners came up with the concept and planted the hedge, with the view to one day opening a maze. However, life and the process of living life ticked on and Trish and her husband one day realised it was now or never.

The hedges are all grown and make the structure for the maze. Games of skill are part of the carnival garden area, which has been created as an addition to the Maze.

A great little café has been set up on the property, with some homemade treats, delicious coffee and a view across the gardens. There’s lots of little trinkets to keep you amused.

Mazes have been around for hundreds of years in various forms. Their popularity of the years hasn’t diminished with different countries and cultures introducing their own version of the modern day maze.

The new craze of Escape Rooms see to be a twist on the original maze concept—where you have to solve clues in order to gain your freedom.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able wander through the maze due to some crazy weather in Melbourne at the time, however, I did take up a cozy chair in the café overlooking the gardens and chat with Trish over a cuppa. For her, the journey has been a long one with twists and turns in her career along the way—finally they have opened the doors so all can enjoy the maze.


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