Wonderlands and masterplans


It’s begun. We’ve begun shivering through our mornings, stocking up on the woollies, the mercury’s begun dipping across Australia, and with school out in a month, it’s once again time to enjoy the snowflakes and ski slopes.

Our travel correspondents tell us that 30 cm of snow and counting on the slopes of Mount Hotham, the silent carpet of white calling out to tourists loud and clear.

If you’re looking for something to snuggle up to, how about The Indian Sun. We’ve got a cover story that sure to warm your heart. Travel consultant Shireen Malani Vaswani, who moved to Adelaide 30 years ago, found that life for a new migrant can be challenging and lonely. After she got her life up and running, Shireen goes out of her way to help other new migrants like her set up home in Australia—helping them find work, inexpensive housing, even inviting them to share a meal with her so they don’t miss their homeland.

This June, we have also started a new section—Hot Homes, where property expert Colin Lee coaches readers on making the right real estate investment. Not only will he share his opinions and life lessons, but Colin will be interviewing economists, developers, builders, and property investors to better understand the market. This month, he explores the city of Brisbane, which is burgeoning thanks to a brilliant infrastructure masterplan.

From masterplans to masterminds—Amarjit Singh Batra, Chief Executive Officer of OLX India, and Peter Irvine, business guru and author, will be guests of honour at the 7th Indian Executive Club Awards on 18 November. Amarjit will be delivering the keynote address, where he will speak about ‘Building OLX—India’s leading market place’, while Peter, also the man, who got Gloria Jeans brewing in Australia, will be launching the Who’s Who of Melbourne’s Indian Community 2017.


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