AIFI volunteers clean Campbells Cove Beach stretch


An hour of cleaning throws up 350 kg of rubbish

Australia India Foundation (AIFI) volunteers, who joined forces with 3030 Beach Patrol and Werribee River Association for Beach Clean Up Day on Sunday, 12 February at Campbells Cove Beach, say the amount of rubbish retrieved from the beach in an hour between 11:30am and 12:30 pm is alarming. The massive lug included 251 glass bottles and 188 cans, 187 plastic bags, 500 cigarette butts, 200 kg hard rubbish total rubbish of 350kgs.

The Clean Up Day, meant to create awareness for beach cleanliness, had volunteers cleaning a stretch on Campbells Cove Beach road, running east from the intersection between Cunningham’s Road and the track which runs along the beach.


AIFI volunteers start to drop in from 11:15am, putting on gloves, collecting bags and piling rubbish from the sand and bushes along the beach. After the clean-up, bottles, cans and rubbish were individually counted and weighed before they got loaded on to rubbish truck. A lot of the rubbish, say volunteers, had been there for a considerable time.

AIFI is formed by a group of volunteers who have come together to give something back to the community that we are part of. The AIFI aim is to promote sustainable economic and infrastructure development in India by delivering short term and long term development programs. Those interested in volunteering can check


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