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Sudha Pon’s responsibilities as sales director with Wyndham Harbour Marina & Residential Development includes creating strategies to ensure sales targets are met both in the local and international markets. She also plays a key role in liaising with local community groups to provide regular updates on the project.

“Wyndham Harbour Marina is a 440 million dollar marina and residential development, located in Melbourne’s West. When completed, it will be the largest marina in the state of Victoria and second largest in Australia,” says Sudha.

Before she came on board with Wyndham Marina, Sudha worked with Peet Limited, a leading national property group that has been operating successfully in Australia for more than 115 years.

Peet is an ASX listed property group and Sudha’s role was that of land project sales specialist.

She has held senior positions with companies like Telstra, Cadbury Schweppes and the ATO in Australia. She has also worked with companies in the US and India.

In 2000, she worked as a teaching fellow at Bond University, conducting classes and workshops for undergraduate computer science students.


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