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Mehek Syed is the Team Leader with Property Services at Suncorp Insurance Home claims department.

She came to New Zealand in 2003. “It was a big shock for me as I was coming from Mumbai. Finding a job was not as easy. Even a job at Maccas was hard to get with over 300 applications for one position there.”

That’s when she decided to become a taxi driver. “I was the only Indian woman taxi driver at the time. I invested in the company and found that I enjoyed the work.” The work was satisfying but Mehek realised she needed to think long-term.

“I got a job as a sales consultant with AA Insurance (New Zealand wing of Suncorp). I knew I would be earning half of what I used to as a taxi driver but I decided to take that step back to move forward.”

The Christchurch earthquake was a decisive moment. “That’s when I got into managing claims for the victims. We were on site helping them out with claims.”

Then, in 2011, she decided to move Melbourne to improve her prospects. “I came to Melbourne as client manager managing home claims. In 6 months, I got promoted to supervisor, and two years later as leader,” says Mehek, who adds that her husband has been a great support.


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