A little Mumbai in Melbourne




When Huzi Bagasrawala, business development manager for Asian and Migrant banking, Bank of Melbourne, first reached Australia in 2009, he decided to live in Adelaide. However, when a friend asked him to come down to Melbourne to help him with his business, Huzi knew there was no going back.

“I was brought up in Mumbai but when I reached Melbourne, I was struck by the culture, lifestyle and food. Everything reminded me a little bit of Mumbai.”

After working with his friend for a while, he made the move to Bank of Melbourne.

“We want to make it the preferred bank for the Sub-continent community and grow the customer base by over a million in a year.”

Huzi has dealt with a few different areas within the bank such as retail, commercial and business, so this seemed like the ideal step up for him.

“I was well-connected with the community in the North and West as well.”

In his first management role, he was faced with the different culture in Australia. “The fundamentals of management are very different here. You need to nurture the people working with you more than you would in India. As soon as I understood the Australian way of life, things started falling in place.”


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