Happy Diwali


This October, catch the bling of Bollywood in all its razzle-dazzle as Mika Singh, often referred to as the new king of Punjabi pop, hits the stage. Mika will take the mike at the Bollywood Dance & Music Festival on the 16 October at The Heritage, at an event organised by Festivals of South Asia Inc and Sizzlin Events. Catch a little Dhinka Chika and a lot of Boom Boom at Mika’s Aaj Ki Party worthy-performance.

On the political stage, the battle for the Council elections heats up as D-Day approaches on 22 October.

On the one side, Cr Gautam Gupta is suiting up for battle with his battle cry for a hospital in Tarneit in the Wyndham City Council. Backed by a string of successful projects during his 2012-2016 council term, from libraries to community centres to parks and diversity groups, Gupta believes Wyndham is “now stronger and fairer than ever before” and he is ready to help it grow even stronger and fairer. His plan to advocate for a hospital in Tarneit has been well received by the community. Tarneit is one of the fastest growing areas in Wyndham and the area has limited medical facilities.

The gloves are on again for retired professional boxer Barry Michael as he steps into the political arena to fight it out in the Hobsons Bay area. Barry isn’t new to politics—he was a contender for the senate candidate in the 2013 Senate election—and as he throws his punches for Williamstown he says he wants to keep his platform “simple and from his own roots”. He wants to see more community and eco-sensitive development in Spotswood, Newport and Williamstown, and is raring to fight for the homeless, issues effecting pensioners, youth support, and tourism.

Also, in this issue, first-time skiers at Hotham and Falls Creek talk about their time on the slopes and why they’ll do it again and again in a heartbeat.

Just around the corner come the Melbourne Cup and Crown Oaks Day. These November events hold special significance to Melbourne and are regarded as major events in the horse racing circles. Competitors come from across the globe to take part in this two-mile race, with the prize purse being one of the world’s richest—at A6.2 million (US4.6 million). Crown Oaks Day is the traditional ‘Ladies Day’ of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, where it’s all about fashion.

Happy Diwali… here’s to a sparkling festival of lights.

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