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Padam Vyas on how Himalayan Salt can make all the difference to an Indian meal

Padam Vyas is CEO and Owner of Himalayan Salt, a catering services company that he started in 2014. After completing his hospitality with Oberoi’s schools of Hotel Management, New Delhi, in 1980, Padam started his career with the Oberoi Inter-Continental Hotel New Delhi. Since then he has worked with Oberoi Flight catering with 16 International airlines, Jaypee Hotels and Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.

After working with Gulf Air and Lufthansa for a while he became the executive chef at the Park Hotel in New Delhi. He migrated to Perth in 1990 and started his Australian stint with Hyatt Perth and an award-winning seafood restaurant in Western Australia under chef colleague Bruce Rolling from England before he moved to Sydney in 1996. In 1999 he worked with the Sydney Convection and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour, Sydney, before moving to work with Qantas where he remained till 2009.

He helped open Jaipur Sweets in Sydney in 2006, Pyara Indian in Sydney and Melbourne in 2007, The Colonial in NSW in 2013, Delhi by the Way in 2015, and joined Mother India as a consultant in 2016.

Padam started Himalayan Salt to cater to what he refers to as the discerning Indian palate. “It’s basically an ultra-modern cuisine,” he says. And the Himalayan salt is used to create that difference. The pink Himalayan salt which originates from fossil marine salt deposits and is naturally fortified, is believed to have many health benefits. The team at Himalayan Salt do what they love to do—serve and provide the best foods to everyone.

Their menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Himalayan Salt specialises in backyard BBQ (sigari) and biryani. Padam says that after working under different managements and different environments, he found establishing the taste for the Indian cuisine to the Western palate most challenging.

While working at Qantas, Padam had the unique opportunity to work under Neil Perry Section Rock Pool for business and first class passengers in several airlines such as Qantas, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore Airline, JAL, Thai Air and Malaysian Airlines.

Padam says one day he hopes to see Indian cuisine as the most sought after cuisine across the globe and he is doing everything at Himalayan Salt to ensure this becomes a reality.

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