Down the aisle in style

Down the aisle in style

Brides Of Asia returns with live performances, choreography and a fashion show that’s not to be missed

Brides of Asia is the only Bridal Fashion Show in Australia where designers from all over the South Asian region come along on a single platform to showcase their talents.

This show, unlike any other typical fashion show, isn’t just another fashion show. It portrays culture, traditions and fashion blended in an atmosphere where the charms and bliss of weddings across the South Asian continent comes alive on stage with live performances and extraordinary choreography by a talented panel of artists, a show not to be missed! This show was crafted especially to preserve our rich heritage whilst educating different communities of our values and it’s quite a spectacular event for anyone to learn and enjoy.

Festivals of South Asia Inc is a well-established name in the festivals industry, having done a number of shows in the past in the Melbourne region.

This year, Festivals of South Asia in collaboration with Nowman Kareem, the founder of Brides of Asia, presents “BRIDES OF ASIA 2016”, a contemporary bridal show featuring brides and grooms from all over the South Asian region on 14 August at the Heritage, Epping, from 5:30pm onwards. Tickets could be purchased online through Eventbrite and upon entry.

Brides of Asia is the only multicultural wedding show to tour inter-state and link between communities. “Despite being a fashion show, our aim is to unite and strengthen communities, networking and creating awareness of availability of such items and their presence in Australia,” says founder and curator of Brides of Asia Nowman Kareem, who is also a renowned menswear designer and stylist having worked in the corporate sector for a number of years, catering to the western market.

“There’s plenty of choices for brides-to-be in Australia. Those raised here tend to find it more difficult to fit in with their communities at times, a show as such is an eye-opener to those who has not witnessed the true beauty of cultures with a modern touch,” he adds.

“We are not limited to just bridal gowns and lehengas, he have linked this event as a one stop destination for all your bridal needs through our Bridal Hub, which consists of make-up artistes, designers, wedding planners, marriage celebrants, limosines, photographers and venues, everything you’ll need for your special day,” he says.

Brides of Asia has successfully done shows around Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and is looking to expand continuously throughout Australia and internationally. Sponsors and event partners who’d like to collaborate with the group are welcomed.

“This year, we have appointed Shahnaz Rind as our brand ambassador for the second consecutive year,” says Kareem. An AFL multicultural ambassador as well, Shahnaz is born Australian with an aboriginal and Iranian heritage, and is more multicultural and active in community services.

This year’s show will have a three-course dinner with drinks alongside the Independence Day celebrations in association with The Indian Sun and Festivals of South Asia.

For more information contact us at or the events team at +61413 378 578 or +614 3932 3232

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